PAGANINI CAPRICE no 24 Blindfolded Guitar Galina Vale

PAGANINI CAPRICE no 24 Blindfolded Guitar Galina Vale

PINEDA COVALIN presents its collection O / I 14-15 , under the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico.

The brand brings together in this collection designs such as: Amazon Rainforest, Amazon Peoples, Exotic Fruits, Brazilian Birds and Cavalhadas BRANTANO's shoe collection is presented.

Mexico City, April 1, 2014 South America holds in its heart, the natural treasure of the Amazon jungle, a symbol of Brazil that joins its festivals, the rhythm of samba, the carnivals and its beaches that characterize it as a country without complexes, where the joy, color and energy of life are always present.

The Autumn-Winter season PINEDA COVALIN is inspired by the deep roots of Brazil's cultural roots, which shape the beauty and exuberance of this country, establishing a fusion between the universal referents of this culture full of colorful expressions and the most avant-garde concepts that

On this occasion, Jorge Duque as creative director, shares his vision embodied in the designs of our collection AUTUMN WINTER 14/15.

Color, nature , crafts and graphic universe make this new collection a beautiful kaleidoscope of shapes and textures using the rich languages ​​that only the popular culture of Brazil possesses.

The collection is nourished with flowing silhouettes, colors and impressions of high impact and great saturation; vibrant prints, full of life, with graphics brought from the nature of the green lung of our planet and elements that inhabit the cultural cosmogony of Brazil as only PINEDA COVALIN is able to interpret in their wonderful silk chews.

S O Terrassenca
Indicated in processes of intestinal dysfunctions Sunflower Pipa (Pelada): Seed rich in fatty acids and proteins, contains vit. E, calcium phosphorus, magnesium and potassium Black lettuce: favors plumage and has a laxative effect, adds vit.

The footwear to be used in the parade is BRANTANO, a collection that evokes ancestral cultures where the color palette is vibrant and fresh, which combines authentically with natural materials, embroidery and novel design lines. His collection is available at

The music that is presented is the living expression that characterizes Brazilians, where magic and diversity go back to the cultural richness of Brazil.

The designs presented in this collection are:

The '' Festa Do Divino '' was first celebrated in Pirenópolis in the 19th century. It is performed on the day of Pentecost and is a tribute to the Third Person of the Holy Trinity beginning 10 days of great religious devotion and profane joy. Start a month before the holiday with pampering and musicians (folias), tournaments jousts (Cavalhadas) and Pastorinhas. After choosing the new Emperor, the Divine begins, whose coronation is accompanied by rockets and fireworks to ward off evil spirits.

On the last Sunday of Cavalhadas, recreate the medieval combat between Moors and Christians with a fair outdoor tournament. Considered as the great lung of our planet, the Amazon rainforest extends through much of South America. Nine countries, mainly Brazil, share this vast territory covered with trees and plants that shelter a great variety of animals and plant species. Great anacondas coexist with jaguars, monkeys and birds of colorful plumages, while the great Amazon river that gently winds through this magnificent jungle, flows abundantly to infect the entire planet.

Brazil is rich in a variety of animal species, all of which have a singular importance for the balance of nature and a meaning in popular traditions. In addition to scientific, social, aesthetic and economic importance, wildlife is fundamental to the sustainability of ecosystems. The "Pantanal" area is a privileged environment between Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia, considered the cradle of countless species of birds, some of which are in danger of extinction such as the Spix's macaw (blue macaw). The toucans are also part of this diversity with an endless variety, where the most representative is toucan toucan, as are their emerald Chiribiquete hummingbirds.