I do not think everything the three documentaries show does justice to all the truth one would demand. Yes it is true that what is shown is true but I think there are other truths that are not shown. In some respects I suspect that they exaggerate, especially with the comparative in quality of the meats or the miraculous benefit of the plant-based diets against the diseases. The subject gives a lot of discussion and I, after analyzing, processing, assimilating, weighing and contrasting the arguments that the team of vegan activists denounce, I have to recognize that they do not lack.

We have reached a point where sensitivity is maturing toward more forgiving concepts with the planetary environment. Our mentality evolves as we progress in wellness. We learn to value the environment in a way different from how it has been appreciated by our ancestors. Times are not the same, needs are not either. Justice is now accompanied by compassion, empathy, altruism. Now, the question that one must answer to oneself is the following: If you were God, what would you change from the world so that it would be more perfect? Because the responsibility of how the world works can not let it fall into the hands of chance, or powerful forces that defeat us or supposed gods that are silent, even less of governments. If you do not take sides for your own benefit then that is when we do have what we deserve. Ethics is ours. The future of mankind as well. The same health ours. We can not avoid a storm, but we can protect ourselves from it thanks to the weather. In something we are advancing thanks to knowledge, with which, something can be done. And from there, in the subject that touches us, there is another question. Is it necessary to live to sacrifice the lives of other animals, when you see and feel that they suffer? Times are not the same and needs are not.

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Globalization has wanted the variety of fruits, vegetables, vegetables, seeds and spices to be so plentiful today as not to be bored with cooking for months. Surely whoever reads me will not have tried a multitude of foods that are exposed today by the markets. There are thousands of blogs and videos with vegan recipes on the internet. The usual phrase "what are we going to eat then?" Is no longer valid. What is needed is curiosity, to know a little of nutrition and, although some it is more difficult, to learn to cook. Cooking, after all, is nothing more than a strategy game with condiments. It has a pleasant reward if it is done well and the body, if what we eat is healthy, will thank you. Cooking is a playful task. I recognize that for those who are slaves of work stress cooking is rather a hindrance than a game but if the prosperous vegan movement will be easier to access a better food a la carte. Everything will come, as indeed the vegetable milks have come to supplant the cow's milk.

The first thing is to ask it and little by little that each one takes its initiatives. I, for my part, have already taken them. My first step is to separate myself from all meat from mammals and their derivatives, dairy products and sausages. It costs me, but I recognize that I still remain in an area of ​​comfort, since I will continue fishing and eggs camperos at the moment. As for birds, little or almost nothing will bite my teeth. As I become familiar with the new recipes, the meat will go less, and I may get to the point where it disappears from my sight. I am for the moment, if it is necessary to label it, flexitarian. I do not want to be complicit in this disgusting slaughterhouse any longer, something that I find it hard to fit into my ethical principles.

There is also in the vegan attitude a way of looking at the world in a spiritual way, (yes, I say well) in contemplating its nature entirely from a more humane, anthropomorphic point of view. Which forces us to seriously consider the presence of everything and its parts as binding to our destiny. Hence the responsibility, the respect, the admiration, and of course, the love with what inhabits here, there and beyond our limits.- AllendeAran