More than a bundle of statistics, flags, politicians, armies, cheeses, wines and chocolates, what we call Europe is a complex of synergies, races, topographies, climates, languages, all propped up in the greatest storehouse of literature, philosophy, religion and art ever conceived.

European Trends, a coolhunter's Journals arises from the need to share a series of reflections that emerge after walking, all the senses in alert, more than a score of cities of that continental Europe, but polyédrica. During those journeys, at different times of the year, and even for more than one occasion to the same city, spontaneously, structures of meaning appeared in each of the facets of the European coexistence, which with all their courage of signs, confirmed me scenarios that I intuited and that each new itinerary reaffirmed me.

With no more pretension than to list some of those platforms on which our values ​​of consumption in Europe are held, and moving away as much as I can from seeming astrologer or necromancer, here I expound my conjectures, same, they are very sensitive to criticism. This is my own Decalogue of present and future trends.

I want to thank all the IDEP team for being a constant incentive for these projects always at odds with immobility.

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Woody Allen's phrase is very useful now: I am very interested in the future because it is the place where I will spend the rest of my life. " The fear is that I do not know how to answer for sure if that future has already begun.

Julio César Aguilera

European Trends. Journals of a coolhunter.

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