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I finally found all the words I was looking for. Here is a list of Harry Potter related words in English! Inspired by this which was inspired by this. Enjoy your reading, muggles. Note: I'm not including words that are the same in Spanish as in English. Names are all the same, except for the ones I included at the end. witch - witch

the witch spell - wizard - wizard - spell

the castle - cauldron

the potion - potion

the dungeon - dungeon

the secret passage - secret passageway

the library - lesson - lesson - the library - parchment

the banned section - restricted section

the common room - common room

the halfblood

muggleborn - muggleborn

the dirty blood - mudblood

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Those who could benefit from this course include short-term or career missionaries, international project volunteers (e.g. Course participants will gain an introduction to aspects of poverty and community development and an orientation to ECHO.

defense against the dark arts - defense against the dark arts

the Ghosts

Nick Almost Decapitated - Nearly Headless Nick

The Gray Lady - The White Lady (Helena The Fat Monk - The Bloody Baron

The Fat Monk - The Fat Monk

The Mermaid - Mermaid - The Mermaid - Hippogriff Giant Squid - giant octopus

the acromantula - acromantula

the basilisk

. Though names are not translated at all in Spanish.