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Yes | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict

Yes | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict

(of a third person) (referring to a person) himself / herself; (referring to an object, concept) itself; (plural) themselves

can not do it alone will not be able to do he was talking to himself the building has a great deal of value to speak for himself, he walked slowly talking to himself to think between or for himself distrustful and has the mania to do everything for himself [instead of delegating to his collaborators] the bishop participates in the government of the city, and by itself, and through his leaders [/ p>

felt behind the steps of a Teresa looked at the man in front of her, she said to herself the sole responsibility for what happened, she had to keep it for herself. She had an enormous dilemateny above her, a circuit camera. closed

has a resume that many would like to have a track record that many actresses would be sending us of

They want everything to siphon a great responsibility on themselves, thanks to their parents they have achieved what they themselves could not achieve.

The product itself is inofensivothe product itself is inoffensive

yes same / a (referring to person) himself / herself; oneself (formal)

strives to remove the image of loser from the man, the man carries within himself the feeling of his obligations to society.

here the writer speaks of himself, the writer is talking about he was very self-enclosed, he was very wrapped up in herself or wrapped up in her own world

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he was a sullen man, imprisoned in himself

has put the best of himself in that project he has given his all to the project

earth turns on itself mismathe earth turns on itself; it is better to learn things by itself it's better to learn things by yourself oneself (formal)

yes the self has it in itself

yes same themselves

thieves left behind some tools

they are very self-assured mismosthey are very confident; they are very sure of themselves

they are self-confident men

the data speak for themselves mismosthe facts speak for themselves

in themselves they deceive themselves, they must love their neighbor as themselves.

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