Biohostal Mindo

Biohostal Mindo

Biohostal Mindo

Mindo by Biohostal Mindo

Mindo Town has 2500 inhabitants

People like the Yumbos, Niguas, Cocaniguas, Bolaniguas, Tsachilas, were responsible for the opening of the first trails to the Sierra and Costa. They exchanged potatoes, mellocos, quinoa, & amp; obsidian stones for marine products such as shell spondilus. In the time of the Incas, the Yumbos called Mindo home until the presence of the Spanish. A population explosion occurred in the second half of the twentieth century, mainly because of the presence of settlers after the construction of the Quito-La Concordia Calacali-Esmeraldas. The peaceful town of Mindo has all the services one needs such as telephone, internet, and a health center.

There are two seasons: the rainy season from December to May with sporadic rains in the days and sunny mornings that last more than a week. The dry season lasts from June to November, with the fog is a determining factor, the average precipitation is 2300-2600mm per year with an average temperature of 17 º C.

Biohostal Mindo Cloud ForestIt is a family Project and every week we are building to offer a comfortable and charming Hostel for People oround the World.we are just 200m form Central Park in Mindo (to the South) 9 de Octubre street and Lluvia de Oro.

was located just one block back from the main square down an unpaved road. The Bio Hostal is located in the heart of the city, just a few minutes walk from the beach and close to the beach.

FLOWERS Beautiful and LOVELY
The flowers are gathered in the spadix, that long part full of carobs that is wrapped in the white sheet (see photo beside). With the approach of the colder months, and the end of the flowering, it is advisable to give the plant a rest period.

with colorful tablecloths and gigantic squooshy beanbags over in the corner. (Scarlet Jones)


You will share the room with five other females, however there is planty space for you luggage and personal items. This room has a private bathroom with hot water.

SINGLE ENSUITE / Single Enjoy the privacy of a large room for one person, with an ensuite with hot water.Includes breakfast < / h6> COUPLE ENSUITE / marriage

Enjoy the privacy of a large room for two, with a double bed, ensuite with hot water. Includes breakfast.


Enjoy the privacy of a large room for two people, with two seperate beds, an ensuite with hot water . Includes breakfast.

$ 36.- per night

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