Discover a creepy message at Jenni Rivera's latest concert - Univision

Discover a creepy message at Jenni Rivera's latest concert - Univision

Discover a creepy message at Jenni Rivera's latest concert - Univision

It seems that Jenni Rivera would have warned him of his death within hours of it happening. At least, that is what is inferred from a video that is circulating in social networks and that has caused much commotion among its faithful followers. "Today they kill her," it seems that someone from the audience shouts in the middle of the performance of 'Black Dove' with which the Band Diva concluded what would become their last concert.

The exclamation you can hear in the 02:20 minute of the video.

Although the video was published on YouTube on December 16 of last year, it was not until now that the supposed scream of a fan warning about the singer's death came to light. tried to verify the authenticity of the video and

which has not been altered.

According to sound engineer Leonardo Leoni, everything is due to a montage thanks to technology.

"Today with technology anyone can insert a track where you say anything, as it says in the video 'Hoy la matan', you insert it and it mixes with all that public and that noise and it can sound quite credible. "

p> The alleged death threats against Jenni Rivera Univision

On a day and a half after the death of Jenni Rivera, the spread of this concert audio at the Monterrey Arena December 8, 2012 retakes the theory that the famous singer could have been the victim of some attack against his life.

She herself told the press that she had received several death threats for her presentations in Mexico, which she ignored and even her brother Juan accompanied her to help her feel more secure.

So far no member of the Rivera family has expressed about it.

Several singers like Jenni Rivera have received messages that threaten their life but have decided to continue with their work, ignoring or less publicly minimizing the impact of these comments on their lives.

Violeta Parra - La Jardinera
Sprout of lemon balm, When my sorrows are growing, the flowers from my garden will be my nurses. And if I'm not here, you will inherit these flowers, Eat and cure yourself with them.

"You are the next to die," wrote a user, signed by "Zeettas" on Twitter to Rivera in June 2010.

Rivera said it was "a joke in bad taste" and continued with his work commitments, including in Mexico where organized crime has wreaked havoc on musical performances.

In some cases, these warnings have become a tragic reality as happened with Valentín Elizalde and Sergio Gómez de K-Paz de la Sierra. Both received threats before being shot down in 2006 and 2007, respectively.

The singer's death, however, has not yet been clarified by Mexican authorities. Investigations following the death of Jenni while traveling in a private plane from Monterrey to Mexico City early on December 9, 2012 continue and there is no indication that they will reach an end.

Now, with the emergence of a video of the last concert of the Diva de la Band, in which someone shouts "today they kill" in full concert in Monterrey, revive these experiences lived in recent months by many celebrities of the Latin show. / p>

Gerardo Ortíz was freed from dying in 2011 after finishing a presentation in Colima. But his cousin and manager as well as the chauffeur did not have the same luck. However, the Sinaloa was threatened two weeks ago with a narcotic in Tijuana, Mexico. It warned the performer that he would not come alive if he dedicated songs to two drug traffickers. Even so, he introduced himself but did not sing the narcocorridos that made him famous and could have put him in trouble with the authors of the aforementioned blanket.

Federico Figueroa is another of the publicly threatened. Twice in May, the name of the brother of the famous singer Joan Sebastian has been included in narcomantas in Morelos, Mexico. "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" is just one of the strong phrases of the message. Until the authorities have called to testify to the right hand of the singer to investigate the reason of these actions of the organized crime against him.

One of those that has been most affected by these death threats has been Alfredo Ríos, better known as 'El Komander'. The singer has canceled presentations in the neighboring country by threats that have made him in social networks. It has also strengthened its security.

Before and now

According to a Mexican magazine, singer and actor Pablo Montero has been receiving threats that have it so worried that he even plans to move to the United States. Two of his brothers have been killed, without knowing for certain the reason for these attacks. Montero does not sing narcocorridos, as it happens with his previous colleagues.

In the beginning

Larry Hernandez revealed to La Opinión that years ago, death that received that when it recorded a disc hid for a time and only communicated with its mother so that this one did not worry. Little by little he has moved farther away from the narcocorridos but the threats remain latent as happened a few years ago on Twitter, where he was assured that they were waiting for him in Tucson, Arizona to kill him. He also continues his presentations in Mexico and in this country.

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