PepLluis - From SerialPort to IoT Devices

PepLluis - From SerialPort to IoT Devices

PepLluis - From SerialPort to IoT Devices

It's hard for the tequis to fall in love with the enchantments of the incredible "cacharritos" that, like "and me more", one manufacturer to another launches the market to take away the protagonism of the previous one, astonishing us in every new design leaving us absorbed as far as technology can go.

Since the launch of the DragonBoard with its Qualcomm's I was doubting whether or not I spent the $ 75 cost and if such a fancy was worth . I do not know if consumerist but something inside me said: buy it! probably thinking of the good times that would allow me to have in my house such a marvel "technologica"

Then make the decision to buy 2 DragonB 410, 2 boxes and a power supply, Total 189,41 $

The wise men explain that to go from illusion to deception we have only to cross a small line ... and the following story explains how to go from WOW to repentance. buying in dollars directly from Arrow USA, the follow up by DHL was vertiginous: in two days my order had reached European territory ... then the days began to pass without anything happening except:

Clearance event & amp; Customs status updated

After five days ... an email alerts me that in order to release the customs package I should authenticate myself and accept payment of a hundred euros !! Which corresponded to € 52 for the VAT and the rest customs procedures. Taking into account, the 189'41 $ in customs (180 € aproe to the change) were converted according to canons difficult to understand by the non jurists in no less than in 260 € valued (I do not know if this position has something to do with the treaty of the North Atlantic). In any case the summary is that at 189 $ finally I had to add 92 € more!

After the previous suffering, try to draw the strength to remove the bad taste of the mouth and could not imagine that would continue to suffer more than enjoying.

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Once unpacked according to the instructions I only had to connect it to the HDMI of the monitor give food and ... magic had to happen. WELL, NO! The dragon board comes pre-configured with an Android version for HDMI 1080 video! ... but to be able to see it working on the first connection in NO place specifies that it is a requirement!

Unfortunately none of my monitors or TV's have such resolution ... I tried with HDMI to VGA converters and also

At the end I thought it would be best to follow the simple tutorial to download my beloved Windows 10 IoT Core and thus avoid following unknown paths for me. One of the first requirements is to download the "Windows 10 IOT Update Tool for DragonBoard 410c x86 / x64" from the Qualcomm page (After you register, ofcourse).

Coming to the end of installing the drivers, app , etc. and when you almost expect everything is right to see once and for all that your Dragon Board works , you find that the tool to download the ffu image of Windows 10 DOES NOT work !!!
(Neither with administrator privileges, nor x86, nor x64 ... nor with na ...)

REASON: tool error code 00

throw the towel with antipathy, our dear network intelligence gave me the solution ... download the image manually from the system prompt:

Connect the microUSB of your dragon board and note the serial port of the system that corresponds to your board ... in the COM3 example. Navigate to the directory where the dragon board tools have been installed typically:

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Qualcomm \ DragonBoardUpdateTool

and from the cmd prompt type: hm>

emmcdl -p COM3 -f mbns \ 8916 \ prog_emmc_firehose_8916_ddr.mbn -ffu d: \ temp \ flash.ffu

I hope this helps dodge or clear doubts to all those who like me succumb to the temptation to acquire a dragon board and can enjoy it smoothly from the outset.

Go for the good experiences! ! & lt; Happy's hacks & gt;