I am delighted to have participated in the First Spanish Collaboration of Artists in this world of sweets. When Patricia Bonillo invited me to participate my decision was swift. Spring and cakes? Yes!!!! I have managed the collaboration with Patricia Bonillo, Daniel Dieguez and Isabel Tamargo, who have been great partners. And those who have made this collaboration so great and so spectacular are the authors of each of the pieces, whether they were modeled, pies, cookies, flowers, paintings ... You are great!

You must go to see each of these creations. Each is based on a fable, whether existing or invented for the occasion.

Collaboration (Spring of Fable): http://www.facebook.com/PrimaveraDeFabula
Video: https://vimeo.com/tartasimposibles/primaveradefabula

My cake in particular it is 100% hand painted. From the girl to the flowers and the flowerpot of Narcissus, all about fondant with edible paint.

I have a vague impression that those seats in the previous image were part of another adjacent, slightly more informal room. That unique landscape had been violated by the Castros and turned into a resort for foreign tourists.

Fable: Elena's Daffodil

Elena was a girl three-year-old who was very fond of flowers. Her grandmother, on her birthday, gave her a simple flowerpot, out of which a single flower stood out. A large yellow flower with long leaves of a luminous green that seemed to want to touch the sky. This flower was born of a bulb and her grandmother told her it was a Narcissus. Elena liked it instantly, and delighted she spent the days caring, pampering and admiring her magnificent flower. But when the cold came its petals began to fall, its leaves to dry and finally died. The girl, desolate told the old woman while she showed him the now sad flowerpot. She hugged her granddaughter and comforted her until she calmed down and only then, explained that she had to save the precious bulb. Elena looked at her strangely, so her grandmother went on to tell her a story:

So Elena knew, that her little bulb, now so naked, was only asleep and would revive in spring, showing once more its colorful petals and filling the room with its soft fragrance. He learned that being patient has its reward and that not everything is what it seems. Now when she looks at her pot, she no longer sees her helpless, but full of future promises.

Text Arantxa Arteaga Gómez