Exploring Mindo, Ecuador



Mindo is known by its inhabitants as a place for extreme sports. This includes rafting, tubing, trekking, canopy, mountain biking and canyoning. On the other hand, we enjoy its rich biodiversity. Mindo was the first stop of our long trip to the north of Ecuador.

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Our first stop was the Garden of Butterflies Nathaly, a place full of butterflies, just one block from the main street. We could not see any signs from the center, so we had to ask for directions from someone on the street.

The Nathaly Butterfly Garden might not look like much from the outside, the reception told us that it was not a good time to visit due to the overcast sky, as the butterflies only come out when it is sunny. So, we reluctantly paid the $ 5 per person. Upon entering there are some flower displays, so at least we thought we would enjoy something outside the garden. Then came a guide and took us to the butterfly nest and the larva room. It was very interesting to see the great diversity in size, shape and design of the caterpillars. We were taken to the butterfly room and were quite surprised what we saw.

What the place managers considered a bad day for us was perfect. No, we were surrounded by flying butterflies, but the resting butterflies are better for photographing. In addition to the butterflies, they had a section to watch feeding the hummingbirds. In this was forced to take off your shoes, as any noise can scare the nearby hummingbirds. If you are calm, the birds may rest in your arms. It is the perfect place to relax, while enjoying the sounds of nature. They have a small cabin with hammocks, seats and carpet to see the birds.

After leaving Mindo, we head for Otavalo. Along route E28 we arrive at Los Armadillos Café, outside of Nanegalito. The cafeteria has ample seating inside and a large patio with handfuls of hummingbird feeders, there were so many and of all sizes, from the smallest to the smallest.

The cafeteria overlooks the Maquipucuna biological reserve, a beautiful sheltered cloud forest. It is an impressive place to enjoy a slightly expensive snack in one of the most diverse landscapes of Ecuador. When you go down the curving mountain road, you usually pass the cafeteria, so be careful going in and out.

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