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Nature has always been an inspiration to more than one person. Many opt for the color and beauty of the other flowers for the wisdom and strength of the trees. Those who use these types of tattoos want to be more in touch with their spiritual and earthly side.

Trees symbolize life, strength and stability tattoo In ancient legends and stories, trees have played important roles. Trees with golden apples, trees of life or even to define the origins of our family, trees are synonymous with stability.

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Arbol tattooed tree tattoo

Tattoos of Cherry Tree : originally from Japan, is a tree whose flower is a tender pink. In Asia it represents female beauty while in others it symbolizes the course of life where we blossom but inevitably we have to fall off our branch. Aspen tattoos only branches. They have to mean the beginning of a new stage or the completion of a not very good of your life, it all depends on how you take it. It is associated with confidence and courage. Tree Tattoos of Life : As its name says, it is the oldest and most sacred tree. Leafy roots and branches. Synonymous with stability and having found our way. Each branch an experience and each root a lesson learned. Cedar Tattoos : ancient tree and firm branches. It is associated with the right people and strong values ​​that are always on the right track. Used for cleaning and spiritual ceremonies, it is often used as protection. Oak Tattoos : many have heard the phrase "Hard as an oak", this tree by its nature is the representation of strength and hardness. Strong roots that do not sedate anyone who wants to start them.

Tree tattoo in the hand
Eyes and tree tattoo
Tree tattoo design on the chest
Tree tattoo ideas and designs
Tree tattoo on the shoulder
tree tattoos tumblr
Tree tattoo tumblr
Tree tattoo
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