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Two weeks ago I posted an entry about dyeing my hair for the first time. Prior to that, my waist length, jet black, thick, and frequently rebellious hair had never been colored:

So I went to Hortaleza Beauty Exclusives (HBC) and bought bleach, developer, and hair dye to try DIY coloring my hair. I only bleached part of my bangs, and my hair tips.

I mixed bleach powder + an equal part of developer with it, slathered it on my hair, waited 45 mins. Rinsed.

In another bowl, I mixed hair dye (Copper Red, Hortaleza Professional Hair Coloring Cream) + an equal part of developer, put on ALL my hair, and waited an hour with a plastic bag over my head.

I rinsed again, and dried my hair. Here's how it turned out:

The results were lackluster, but they DID change my hair color. It was not bright coppery red at all like on the box, and that's because the bleach can only lift so much color out of your black hair the first time.

Nonetheless, I was happy with it because it suited my skin tone:

1 day after first dyeing session:

1 week after first session:

After two weeks I was ready to try bleaching my hair

This time I bought a different bleach, developer and hair dye, all from the same brand:

I did exactly the same process as the last time, but I bleached more parts of my hair. Some parts, already bleached, like my bangs and hair tips, got bleached twice.

So ... here I am after an hour of bleaching:

much lighter than the rest, which were mostly yellow orange.

Maybe it looks black or brown in this photo, but my whole head was pretty much orange, with some yellow parts. I should have kept this look for Halloween, heh.

Instead of buying a honey, blonde, light brown etc. Color to dye with some people recommended I decided to be a little know-it-all and try using some basic color theory to help me make my dye choice. I figure putting a yellow color on an already orange foundation will just make everything ... .more orange.: | Same goes with any pale pinks, or light pastel colors.

I picked red maroon because it had a little dark purple mixed in with the red, hopefully letting me end up in the ballpark of a nice RED shade that would progressively get lighter with each washing, not orange.

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This color was STRONG! I had stains all over my hands. My husband walked in to find me wearing a garbage bag, with red hands and a stained face, looking like a weirdo. I have walked away slowly, probably too traumatized to voice his feelings. LOL.

Anyway, I kept the bleach and dye on for about 45 mins - 1 hour longer than last time.

Here's the result:

, kitchen, halogen lights:

Day 1, 2 hours later, in our office, using the flash camera:

DAY 2: My husband and I went to the mall to meetups for my customers (for my hat shop). Needless to say I got a lot of raised eyebrows as the bright lighting in the mall really made my head stand out!

I've already washed my hair and more color washed off in the shower, and I expected that it would get brighter (or more radioactive) the more of the orange undertones showed through and the maroon washed off. So.that makes ... RED!

WATEBURR, Color THEORY SCHMEORY. I just love how it looks!

DAY 2, at home, using a flash camera:

DAY 3: I had a gig to play at. This photo was taken at night, in our garage, with a flash camera:

DAY 3: Random photos from the gig:

My friend Mandy dyed her hair Rose Red! Awesome! Here we are with Kim, who swears this is the picture for her soon-to-be dyed hair, too!

Chuck and my husband John, both wearing hats I've made! Hee.

Gleb and Bri:

So there's my very long post about how I dyed my hair bright red. I hope you helped her somewhat if you're coloring your hair. I will be posting some more about my gig, but for now this will be my last post in the while my sister is about to give birth and I will be spending loads of time at the hospital! I am so excited to be an AUNT!

Let me know all about your own hair color story ... I'm always eager to learn new things from other DIY enthusiasts! <3

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