At 6:00 am I was opening the siphon to give me that shower that marks the difference between day and night, between sleep and lucidity. It was a special day, a new day for those who fell on me since my firstborn was born.

Today was one of those. A new process of this new life. I was smearing a toast with butter when I saw a couple of tears fall on the cheeks of my beloved. Suddenly a couple turned into a sea of ​​reddish faces, making a perfect picture with that tremulous voice that emerges in the cultivation of sadness.

Minutes later we left our daughter in the care of professionals in a living room. I must confess that I played the strong male, the man who called the sanity and came to reason to lighten that burden to his beloved. But deep down he was just as sorry.

I wondered if it was fear and I said yes. Uncertainty, too. But even more, it is a new guilty feeling and betrayed love. As if by the fact of leaving it in that place we would be failing him deeply. A small consolation is to refresh the memory and remember that the vast majority of fueling entities must go through this. It may sound ridiculous compared to other emotionally charged topics, but there is no question.

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I wonder again: if such was my pain to leave my daughter with people prepared for it, what would have been that pain in a situation of real care ?. I still do not have a correct answer, what I perceive is that you have to prepare for a situation of greatness, come this or not.

Curiously, in my head has been circling the memory of the miserable that left deform and seriously injured his son of two months product of the blows that it gave to him. Antenoche watching the newscast I thought the best thing would be for the little boy to die and stop suffering a good time. Luckily, it did. If, before being a father, I did not forgive an act like that, I believe that today I am voting for a life sentence without benefits because I do not have a death sentence.

Anyway, I am angry with that part of the world, feel closer to this new emotional situation. In short, my daughter drank 40 ml of breast milk in the nipple she hates. Kindergartens pointed out that it was a good day for her. His mother, my beloved, was calmed down during the course of the day. At noon he took her away. Now sleep peacefully.