Who is Ted Cruz, the & quot; crazy bird & quot; who defeated Donald Trump?

Ted Cruz is another conservative hated by the Republican Party establishment. (Wikimedia)

Ted Cross prevailed over favorite Donald Trump in the first battle for the Republican presidential nomination on February 1. But who is it?

According to The Guardian , it is "the future of conservatism in the United States." > is "the radical Cuban-American who opened the race for the White House" because he was "the first candidate to run for the November 2016 election."

Cruz's Iowa victory is more impressive taking into account their opposition to subsidies to the ethanol industry. Cruz is opposed to energy subsidies in general, including ethanol, which has made it clear in his Senate vote history.

breathe thanks to agriculture. The state is the leading maize producer nationwide.

Corn-based ethanol production is boosted by government subsidies.


His nationality has been a source of controversy over whether or not he can be president:

Although Cruz was born in Canada because of his mother's nationality was able to obtain US citizenship, as enshrined in the law.

Cruz relinquished Canadian citizenship in 2014, after the Dallas Morning News published the information, to the senator's surprise and his family, who said he did not know about his Canadian nationality. [Cross] graduated from the Harvard Law School, and then worked at the Court Supreme before becoming attorney general of the State of Texas.

Political Career

La Prensa highlights C's elitist past ruz and its paradoxical association with populist movements:

In September 2013, Cruz grabbed attention when he delivered a speech in the Senate that lasted more than 21 hours, blocking the vote on a budget law. The maneuver led to the closure of the government months later, in the absence of an approved budget.

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Cross gesture provoked the ire of Republican leaders, such as presidential hopeful John McCain, who called him 'crazy bird In 2013, Ted Cruz "became the first Hispanic senator elected by Texas and did not take too long to notice his presence in the upper house."

He frequently attacks the "Washington cartel" and became a national figure by "causing almost by itself the first closure of the federal government in 17 years."

And he denounced Mitch McConnel, the Rep. Republican leader in the Senate, "as a 'liar' in an astonishing congressional etiquette gap."

No Senator supports him, but he does have the " Right of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives. "

" Cross "has united evangelicals and the Tea Party ... It also has great support among Republican bases and its campaign makes good use of digital technology, so it has been compared to the campaigns of Barack Obama, who was elected to the presidency after being in the Senate for a single term. "

One would expect a son of Cuban immigrants as Cruz adopted a more diplomatic stance on the legalization of undocumented immigrants in the United States. But no. According to Infobae, he has been among the harshest critics of President Barack Obama's executive measures on immigration, which he called "amnesty."

The Iowa caucus receives a lot of attention because it is the first, but has little weight in deciding who will represent each match.

However, it is the opportunity for new players like Cruz steal media attention.