Nene Consentido

Nene Consentido

Her work In spite of the advances of the feminist movement in the twentieth century and the struggle for women's rights, the work of Georgia O'Keeffe remained for a long time in the shadow of that of her husband, photographer Alfred Stieglitz.

In 1913, the famous "Armory Show" took place in New York, when American artists became acquainted with the European avant-garde styles. The most outstanding artists of that period were Marsden Hartley, Joseph Stella, Arthur Dove, Georgia O'Keeffe and Stuart Davis. Some of his works fall into the hands of Alfred Stieglitz, who, impressed by them, describes them as "the purest, most beautiful and sincere works that have come to the" 291 ", since long time. "Light Iris", 1924

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"Most people in the city run so hard, they do not have time to look at the flowers. I am going to paint what I see, which means the flower for me.But I am going to paint it big to persuade people to take it.

the time to contemplate it, I will even get the busy New Yorkers to do it. " Georgia O'Keeffe

Among her paintings, plants and flowers predominate, which the artist represents in a very personal way, far from conventional images. Georgia O'Keeffe shows the inside of the flowers and reflects it down to the smallest details by enlargements. They are works, sometimes almost abstract, of great elegance and vitality, whose forms show a hidden sensuality. Iris, callas and arches, petunias, poppies, birds of paradise, orchids, camellias, banana flower, pineapple ...

(...) The insistence on the individual form, its interest in the unique, centered flower, extended on an excessive scale correspond to an exalted romantic vision, which grants the flower category human. BRITTA BENKE: O'Keeffe. Taschen

"Filling the space beautifully. That's what art means to me." Georgia O'Keeffe

Also paint reeds, trees, corn ...