Deepak Chopra

The body is a field of ideas, in transformation, that are recreated as pure consciousness. That field of consciousness, interacting with itself, becomes ideas in the body, in the physical Universe and in its experience. Yes, it's not just a soup of energy. We transform that soup of energy into material forms, color, etc. So we are literally creators. But, that is what we have to discover, to find out.

Even the experience of time is something that we create. Of course, we all believe that time exists. We use watches to measure it. Ask a physicist and he will tell you that there is no experiment that proves the existence of time. Sir Thomas Gold, the eminent British physicist, says that the description of the world as linear time with past, present, and future is a totally inaccurate description of the physical world that it simply is. In reality, we create time by means of our imagination. When have you experienced the past out of your imagination? When have you experienced the future, but in your imagination? The real fact is that this same unified field is a continuity of infinite possibilities that contains the past, the present and the future as a continuity of infinite possibilities, obtained in an eternal moment of now. There is only eternity, but we divide it by fragments of perception into a linear time experience.

Time does not exist as an absolute. It is another artifice of thought. We create time, through the movement of thought. If one says that time must necessarily exist, then it begins to speak in terms of beginnings and endings. But then, it becomes very vulnerable because what happened before the beginning? What is there after the end? These are just conceptual frameworks.

Garden Pots (O-Yahz) | Sustainable Scientist
I made lids with funny animal heads, stained them with oxides and underglazes, then covered them with a low-fire clear glaze. If it is fired just right, water will be drawn from it by the touch of something more dry, like fine soil or plant roots.

A few weeks ago, on a flight from Boston to London, I met an old friend of mine. And we had such a good time that time flew ... As my friend said, "we arrived in two seconds". The flight actually lasted eight hours, but we thought we had arrived in twenty minutes. We forget to eat, to go to the bathroom, even to meditate. What happened? Our internal flight time dialogue, structured a completely different biology that has its own cycles of rest, activity, sleep, awakening, appetite, etc. With that frequency of interaction with oneself, consciousness interacting, it created a different experience of time. And of course, there are also the people that one sees daily, who say that time is running out. They see the same watch that you and I see, but it moves faster for them. Study that person, biologically speaking, and you will find that your biological clock is also accelerated: your heart rate is faster, your blood pressure is higher, your insulin and glucose levels are higher, and so on. Usually, they fall dead in their forties or fifties, due to coronary affections. Then, time is running out. They convert their inner frequency of self - interaction that says they are running out of time with the physical experience of time, ending up.

You also know people who seem to have all the time in the world. These have a completely different biology. Or have heard say that the beauty of the mountain choked the breath, when time stopped. That expression, in and of itself, is a key to what nature is: the beauty of the mountain choked the breath, because time also stopped.

Therefore, we call Samadhi an experience of unity. One can experience it when one experiences a shocking experience in nature, or perhaps before a musical work or a dance, or during the artistic appreciation of a work of art. In fact, the very existence of art is an attempt to experience this unity. Poets and philosophers have spent their entire lives trying to re-capture such an experience and then write about it for the rest of their lives. Because once lived, it can not be forgotten. It produces a change in one. It is like a baby being born, ... can no longer return to the womb.

Excerpt from "Quantum Healing" by Deepak Chopra, M.D