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Nem vivalma nem plantinha. Shams no seu esplendor

Nem vivalma nem plantinha. Shams no seu esplendor

To tell you a bit about birdwatching and the great challenge and tasting of birds, I invited Claudia Komesu, whose passion for photography and the environment led her to discover, for years, an activity that is fundamental in her life today - birdwatching (bird watching and photography). In this article she tells what birdwatching is and gives tips on how to photograph these beautiful colorful birds that brighten our fields and woods, and even urban environments.

My name is Claudia Komesu, 35 years old, I live in São Paul. I'm an editor. I worked for Publifolha, publisher of the Folha group, and for LCA, an economic consultancy. I am an amateur photographer, sometimes very amateur, but totally in love with birds, and since the discussions about the Forest Code, I have been thinking about ways to help protect the environment. I am the creator, publisher and manpower of Virtude-AG, a website dedicated to the dissemination of birdwatching, and which brings photos and testimonies of others passionate about the theme as I do. A little ant job, but I dream that in the future it might contribute to more birdwatchers acting in the nature's favor.

What is a good birdwatcher?

> A good birding is a walk in search of bird sighting, an activity that brings you satisfaction. I'm not talking about fun and contentment, it's even satisfaction, these are about changing your attunement to the world.

There are also the phases where you leave with the camera, but without a specific goal. Whatever appears appears. The satisfaction comes only from the fact of going out to walk, attentive to everything around, sometimes with the privilege of walking in silent places, only you and the wind, the sound of your steps on the earth, the song and the call of the birds. How to prepare to be a birdwatcher (and bird photographer)

A floresta. Sim esses arbustos
A floresta. Sim esses arbustos

Photographic search for birds, whether in quantity or rarity, allows you to have the pleasures of the hunt without the cowardice of the death of those who can not defend themselves. And the hunt can be quite ecological: in the type of ideal walk you observe and photograph the bird without interrupting your activities and try not to disturb it.

The tour starts with the day dawning. In places of natural vegetation, especially woodland, what you see from 6am to 11am does not compare to the rest of the day. Birds are more active, more beautiful light, various opportunities to see them feeding. Maybe true even for large waterfowl. In South Africa, herons that I only saw stopped, once I found a bunch of various species in the morning and they were in an incredible fishing activity, there were times that I had to choose in what to focus on.

A great tip to take more advantage of the ride is to slow down. Be the speed of the car, the steps, the thoughts. At first I walked as if I had to get somewhere. And looking around, if there were no birds, he kept walking. Today I know that those who are not in a hurry see much more.

When a bird that you wanted to see very much appears, it is inevitable that adrenaline goes up. It's tasty and exciting, but shooting birds is a technical challenge (and also lucky for the ambient light conditions), and the picture is not always what we want.

Make no mistake, it's not an activity just for quiet people. In fact, there is plenty of room for follies, passion, competition, and generosity.

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