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Address problems with pests and other diseases. As with most plants, the olive tree is sometimes susceptible to attack, particularly blackworm ( Saissetia oleae). As a farmer, you want to strike a perfect balance between allowing trees to grow organically and protecting them from infestation and disease. In some cases, an insecticide is required to treat pest problems. Speak with a professional for best results.

Scale mealybugs are small black scales on the surface of the bark that can be a major problem because they produce eggs fairly quickly. Although the woodchips of the tizne mainly infest diseased olive trees, healthy trees are not immune to their attacks. If you discover them, treat them with the appropriate insecticide. Verticilosis can also affect the olive trees, causing the leaves and branches to wither unexpectedly. Although certain olive cultivars are equipped with resistance, there is still no treatment for this fungal disease. If you do not cut the affected branches, wilting can affect the entire tree. In this case, you may have to prune branches even from very young trees. If you have previously had any problem of wilting in the soil, avoid planting in that area.

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Resident naturalist Regan Fink peers Resident naturalist Regan Fink peers through binoculars, her handy accessory for the day. The first: spending a day with folks familiar with the birds of Costa Rica - colors, calls and all - is great training.