Cheerios sends seeds as part of campaign to save bees |

Исследование самые состоятельные европейцы живут в Люксембурге

Исследование самые состоятельные европейцы живут в Люксембурге

In order to save bees, Cheerios is sending 100 wildflower seeds to people who have requested them through its website.

As part of the #BringBacktheBees campaign, Cherrios together with Veseys Seeds pledged to distribute 100 million wild seeds, according to Cherrios on their page.

"People need bees. And now the bees need people, "says the website .

The campaign asks the people who requested the seeds to plant them in a suitable area for the bees.

Australis Campana plantas acuaticas

In addition, in the United States and Canada, Cheerios removed the classic image of the "bee" from the cereal boxes, so raise awareness of the decline in population of these pollinators.

"Because General Mills' cereal focuses on nutrition, it is appropriate to help pollinators obtain their essential nutrition through an activity fun and for the whole family, such as planting wildflowers, "said Susanne Prucha, marketing director for Cheerios.

In a statement on the campaign, General Mills, parent company of Cheerios, critical need for bees to pollinate more than two-thirds of the crop needed to feed people. About 30 percent of the ingredients that General Mills uses in its products also depend on pollination, according to the statement.

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