The date and time of Windows 8 is wrong. How can I solve that?

Many of you have already made the switch to Windows 8. As we always like to hear your comments about what you think (please leave a comment in this article). I upgraded to Windows 8 on the release date (October 26), taking advantage of promotion promotion. The update for me was extremely smooth and so far I have only good things to say about my experience with the best and newest Microsoft operating system, except for one small mistake I had. Every time I started my computer and entered the desktop of my clock time it was wrong, even when I had corrected it the day before. The time was always 7 hours ahead of the actual time even though my time zone was set correctly to PST. It is not a difficult thing to adjust, but annoying to have to do it every time I turn on the computer. Now I've talked to other people who use Windows 8 and they have not experienced the same problem but experienced it 3 days in a row until I found a solution. Today I discovered what seems to be a problem with the 'Internet Time' setting. If you are experiencing the same thing, here is how I fixed the problem.

1. Click the time / date zone in the taskbar on the Windows desktop.

"Change date and time settings ... '2. Click

3. Go to the "Internet Time" tab and click on "Change Settings"

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4. By default my 'Server' '. I have changed the server to '', which is an alternative time Internet service (ITS).

For those of you who have experienced this same problem, I hope this helps!