Los pimientos cultivados en Michigan están disponibles de julio a octubre

Los pimientos cultivados en Michigan están disponibles de julio a octubre

Today I propose you to build a small pincushion with a wooden box. As you see in the photo it looks like a normal box, if you want to know more continue reading until the end !!! Step by step ...

1. Choose a box to build the pincushion. In this case it is small in size: 5, 5cm side x 9cm high or so.

2. Filling. To insert the needles inside the box we will need filling. We will use a sponge like washing the dishes. 3. Prepare the box for later decoupage. For this we will paint the whole box with white paint. And in the parts that are not made decoupage you can paint the color you want. In this case according to the design I had thought, paint it a green

4. Measure and cut the sponge to size. Choose a fabric to cover it. Once it is lined it is only necessary to paste it in the bottom of the box and the lid (this step will be the last one of all, once this varnished)

5. Exterior design of the box. Then we only have to choose our design for the exterior. I have combined napkin paper, fabric, lace, fabric with embossing ... giving a vintage style to the box.
The outer fabric ribbon will be glued with double-sided tape.

6. Finishing. Finally to give it a finish, we will varnish the exterior and interior.

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That's how beautiful it looks !!!! And it is also very practical because you do not drop a pin. And they close perfectly with the needles on the top and bottom.

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