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How is this for a plot?

Titus Andronicus, a Roman general, returns home to Rome after a victorious war against the Goths. He brings with him his prisoners, Tamora, the Queen of the Goths, and her sons, one of whom, Alarbus, is sacrificed / murdered by the sounds of Titus. The new emperor, Saturnius, is not getting along with his younger brother, Bassianus: at one point, he tries to steal his brother, girlfriend, Lavinia (who happens to be Titus, daughter) but fails, and ends up being seduced (and won over) by the captive Queen Tamora. All this time, though, Tamora is plotting with her Moorish lover, Aaron, to get revenge against Titus.

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And it's at this point that the play gets really bloody. Tamora, the other sounds, Demetrius and Chiron, run into and then kill Bassanius in the woods, then further the outrage by raping and mutilating Lavinia, cutting out her tongue and cutting off her hands so that she can not tell anyone who attacked her . Aaron goes another step further in the plot against Titus by framing his sounds (Quintus and Martius) for the murder of Bassianus. Lucius attempts to rescue his brothers but fails and is banished from Rome. And as if things can,Äôt get even worse, Aaron informs Titus that the emperor will spare the lives of his sons IF Titus cuts off one of his hands and sends him to him. Titus does this (of course), but (of course) the hand is returned to him, ALONG WITH THE HEADS OF HIS TWO SONS. Titus has now been driven almost mad, and Lucius has raised an army of Goths to attack Rome.