Marijuana Al Natural # 26 Cultivation with CO2

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If you are a faithful follower of this section of Marijuana to the natural sure that sounds the culture in which I am now. In other occasions we have already visited this beautiful garden of cuttings to see how it was evolving, now we have been called again because they want to show you how you can make a productive and quality crop with organic fertilizers.

In this room are cultivating these 280 cuttings of a variety well known by all cannabicultores, neither more nor less than the mythical Skunk # 1 of Sensi Seeds Bank. The clones now have exactly 25 days of life and as we see at a glance their state is unbeatable.

To clone the plants were cut branches and cuttings were rooted with KlonaGel Agrobeta, which is a biological gel which stimulates root growth, ideal for cloning cuttings. It presents a very balanced composition of vitamins and nutrients that are essential for the development of new roots, as well as phytohormones, both cytokinins and gibberellins, thus becoming an alternative to the synthetic rooting hormones, as a token is a product certified by the CAAE. Once the cuttings were cut, the tips were dipped approximately 1 cm into the gel and then put into jiffys of pressed peat.

In just a few days since they began to rooting, they were transplanted into these 7-liter containers. These breeders inoculated the culture substrate based on Agrobeta Cancerbero which contains two mycorrhizal taxa that directly influence root growth, two other trichoderma species that prevent the proliferation of other pathogenic fungi, as well as six species of bacteria that help increase performance.

Antonio Crespo Massieu: Elegía en Portbou (Bartleby, 2011). Sounds: Lost song by Olafur Arnalds. Image: "Walter Benjamin Memorial".

If we look at the crop now we see how the lower parts of the plants have been made clean. These cleanings consist of eliminating the lower branches that form small buds by subtracting food from the rest of the plant as well as making irrigation difficult. Once the low branches are removed, irrigation is facilitated considerably.

They have also installed a CO2 equipment that projects the gas directly onto the fan in such a way as to promote its propagation throughout the growing room.

Now the cuttings take exactly 8 days in flowering and the breeders of the crop have reinforced the structure of the plants fixing each one to a central tutor, in order to avoid breaks and twists of the stems when the buds begin to gain weight.

We will return to this cultivation to see how they have fed the plants and how they have responded to their diet. Until then, do not miss out on the rest of the content.

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