My friends the pigeons: Palomar messenger pigeons

My friends the pigeons: Palomar messenger pigeons

My friends the pigeons: Palomar messenger pigeons

In principle it should be a home where pigeons will enter and leave freely. But you can afford it at least they should have a whole morning freedom to fly. It is important that you allow:

A sufficiently large space for all pigeons

Waterproof to foxes, cats, rats ... but any day you'll find your friends plucked or headless ...

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plans and instructions on how to make a loft:

When talking about food, 1001% of the columbicultores were very interested in the subject. When talking about hygiene of the dovecote the interest rate of the amateur drops to the minimum. And it is that the cleaning and disinfection of everything that surrounds the pigeon raises little interest. When in fact, one of the bases on which the success of a loft is supported is the sanitary program that follows

Red-breasted Meadowlark / Red-breasted Thrush | Birds for Beer
Juvenile female Red-breasted Meadowlark with signature eye-stripe / Juvenile Juvenile female with her typical superciliar line It is only recently that the species Sturnella militaris was rebaptized in English to become the Red-breasted Meadowlark .

Do not be porous, for example,

Do not have corners, so that when cleaning we can reach all corners. Be weighed to avoid being rolled over by pigeons.

There are several disinfectants that can be used in pigeon houses: bleach, phenolic derivatives, lime, etc. Bleach, because of its price and easy to find, is the most used. An ideal concentration to work is 1 liter of bleach in 9 liters of water ; with this mixture we will pulverize on crates, nurseries, breeding rooms, floors, walls, ceilings, etc.

As there is no disinfectant that is 100% effective. we should try to use several different ones in an interleaved way. For example: once all the dirt has been removed and fumigated with the mixture of water and bleach, the walls and ceilings can be lined.

Cleaning and disinfection of the facilities should be done, as minimum once a year. If the dovecote has suffered an epidemic, we must disinfect it before and after the drug treatment.

Hygiene of feeders and drinkers is essential, so once a week we will immerse them in water with a disinfectant for several hours.

Good ventilation of the facility is the first step to prevent our birds from having respiratory problems. This ventilation will be achieved through the installation of windows or facing doors, in such a way as to favor the renovation of the air of the loft without taking between the departments or pelecheros of the pigeons. By regulating the opening of the windows we will also control the internal temperature of the premises.

A test to check if the atmosphere of the pigeon is loaded with vitiated air is as follows: if on entering the interior we notice some discomfort is a sign indisputable that the levels of gases from the decomposition of the excrement are greater than desirable.

We must take into account that birds by their anatomy are 7 times more sensitive to gases than mammals , therefore, A slight annoyance for us supposes for the pigeons a great irritation.

It is proven that this gas produces a generalized weakness and stress that opens the door to any disease.

It is advisable to isolate the facilities of the entrance of other pigeons, mice, cats, sparrows, etc. In pigeons located near wet areas, where there are large numbers of insects, mosquito screens should be placed on the windows, especially to prevent outbreaks of smallpox.

It is very important that the facilities can receive direct sunlight as the sun rays disinfect and dry. Especially important in pigeon houses where there is an outbreak of Paramyxovirosis, since the intense diarrhea of ​​diseased pigeons are responsible for the soil of the departments remain moist, with the danger of other germs to take advantage to attack.

When a pigeon falls ill we must isolate it from the rest and completely disinfect both the place where it was lodged as the drinker and the trough It is very frequent that the pigeon enters a healthy pigeon where before there was a patient without getting to clean beforehand. With this procedure we will only be able to perpetuate the infection in the loft and never cut it.

Finally, remember that disinfecting is not an absolute guarantee against the disease, but lack of hygiene is a permanent danger and the certainty that any epidemic will spread more quickly through the loft.

Good solution, part for our store and office and part of the pigeon very warm and protected

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