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I want you to know that I'm afraid to start something new, not because I'm hurt, but I'm afraid to fail again.

Be wise with that, be patient, do not let go of my hand please If I want to start something with you it is because I really believe in us.

I want you to know that I am a very cheeky person, fascinated with old love: letters, flowers, songs, romantic dinners, etc. I warn you from now that when I fall in love I am a surrendered person, I want to watch how many sunsets are possible next to you, I will write you many letters, I will show you a lot (I hope that does not bother you), I will love that we go together on bike out there ... enjoying the scenery, I'll almost always want to fill you with details, I'll make you surprises to notice how much I love you, I want to introduce you to my family and get to know yours, I want to take thousands of pictures with you, make jokes, make you laugh, I even want to cook together. I'm not good at cooking but I guess it will be fun. Also when I am able to invite you to dinner, the cinema or an ice cream, I will do everything possible so that we do not fall into a routine.


I want you to be part of each of my accomplishments, as well as be with me in my defeats. Be sure that I will be in yours.

I want to go to the beach with you, sit for a few minutes to observe the sea and then enjoy it. I look forward to lying on a rainy day watching movies or talking about anything. Believe me you come into my life like a storm. I like storms.

Do not forget that for me you are the only one that makes me happy at the moment. I'll take good care of you, I'll be with you in your sad moments so do not be afraid to cry in front of me, trust me, I'll be there for you alone.

Take my hand as you walk; if someday you want to give me flowers the daisies are my favorite. Accept me with everything and my rare tastes because I already accept you as you are even without knowing you.

Cheerios sends seeds as part of campaign to save bees |
In order to save bees, Cheerios is sending 100 wildflower seeds to people who have requested them through its website. The campaign asks the people who requested the seeds to plant them in a suitable area for the bees.