Mallorca Bird Ringing

Botaurus stellaris in the Prat de Sant Jordi (Palma) Photo: Juanjo Bazán.

Well, well ... your children little ones can already go out again to play outside and the women to make top-less calm on the beaches of Mallorca ... The first Big Year is over !!

The winner as expected the magnificent Maties Rebassa with no less than 232 species to his credit. A real record that I'm sure will be set in stone like King Arthur's "Excalibur" sword for a few years ... You have to take off your hat and make special mention of those who entered the exclusive "club of the 200" Pep Spotted, Pere Vicens, Windy Lalo, Juanjo Bazán, Rafel Mas and Jordi Muntaner. Here is the definitive list. I have to see how many species in total were seen, and I will tell you ...

The Big Year has encouraged many people to go out in the field like they had never done before and almost every day we were delighted with some anecdote or rarity . With the entry of 2014 the appointments have stopped suddenly, although it seems that a Big Year 2014 is already underway.
2013 has been left to demonstrate the extraordinary wealth of birds that we have in Mallorca and has put It shows how little the island really is covered under normal conditions.

I, for my part, have been relegated to the 23rd position. It seems like a failure, but I am really delighted because I have shown that a first-time parent of twins with only 1 and a half days of serious birding in 365 days and being somewhat attentive during everyday life you can see up to 168 species !! Great!

In it, they burnt the pole on which they had kept their lamp during the winter - the station and the sweepings from the workshop. The first written testimonies of the Valencian Fallas date from the middle of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th.

It is clear that with the Mallorca Big Year 2013 there is now a before and after in the ornithology of the island. Just a visit to the other blog in which I participate to see the rush of targeted oddities. I remain without a doubt with the appointment of the American golden plover Pluvialis dominica, which if homologated will be the first for the Balearic Islands.

I leave you with a link of the best photos of the year of Juanjo Bazán. It's worth checking them out.

Happy 2014 late to all !! :)