Divine lips and super hydrated - Yuya

Guapuritas! How are you doing? We are already in the spring and the truth excites me very much. The bad thing is that with so much change of climate my lips get crazy and suddenly they are normal and out of nowhere I dry.

First of all I tell you, the lips are just like our face, the lips are the same as our face, the lips are the same. we expose the daily sun, wind, pollution - Fuchi! I'll leave a few tips for your lips are cute, cute.

Exfoliate your lips with a brush of teeth (but suevecito, I will not be hurt). It sounds weird but it works!

Hydrate with coconut oil at least once a week. I know what I say!

Always from "always" bring a balsamito in the bag and put it as many times as you can during the day. By the way, handsome, do not bite or suck your lips.

And finally I leave a small remedy for you, you guapurite, exfoliate your labiacitos and say goodbye to the pellejitos. What will they need?

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How are we going to do it? We mix very, very well a little honey with sugar. Put the amount you want on the lips and massage for a few minutes .... Ta-raaaaan! Perfect secrets of lips!

Finally my secret of secrets ...

Before sleeping put a generous amount of balm on your lips, even if you feel half fuchi, the next day you will notice them beautiful.

Tell me if they do and how it works for them:).