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Crocus vernus ("Dutch Crocus") is an ornamental, perennial and bulbous plant belonging to the genus Crocus and to the family.

Iridaceae .

A cultivar of Crocus vernus .

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The flowers are bright blue-violet (rarely white), 2 to 4 cm long, with short petioles on one side in the armpits of the bracts. The basal leaves are triangular, narrow, with a heart-shaped or rounded base, jagged edges and up to 12 centimeters long.

Crocus vernus of white and purple. The species originates from the southern highlands of Europe, with the exception of the Pyrenees.

Crocus vernus has given rise to numerous garden varieties, large flowers known as Dutch crocuses.


The typical species has a rounded corm, 2 to 3 linear leaves with a white central veins and produces one flower per bulb, white, yellow or violet. The stamens have yellow anthers and white filaments. The style opens in three stigmatic branches with a fan shape. It blooms in late winter or early spring.

Varieties and Cultivation

Among the best known varieties of Crocus vernus are: p>

  • "Joan of Arc" with large white flowers.
  • "Black Boy" with purple-red flowers.
  • "Purpureus Grandiflorus"
  • "Mammoth Yellow" is the largest flower crocus variety.
  • "Pickwick" of white flowers with purple streaks < / li>