Catering and Banquet Hall, Colonial Terrace, Mansion on the Hill

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It is a family property, which has operated since 1945, helping many families create unforgettable events, Baby Shower, Baptisms, birthdays, quinceañeras, graduations, marriages, ect. companies to make productive meetings, and organizations to meet their goals. We have consultants in Spanish who can help you with everything you need to make your event special; (decorations, balloons, souvenirs, menu selection and more ...). Colonial Terrace offers all types of cuisine according to your taste and budget both inside and outside our facilities.

We have beautiful and spacious ballrooms with their respective venue for cocktail and bar, with separate entrances, food service from 30 to 400 guests.

Rooms private rooms for the preparation of the event
Private rooms for the bride
Reception and ceremonies in the garden.

Colonial Terrace is ideally located less than an hour from the center of Manhattan, North New Jersey, Stanford CT near North Subway Station and all major routes.

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Menu Page
Our cooks prepare all kinds of food from anywhere in the world, American food, Italian, Spanish, Latin, French and many more, plus if you have any idea we make it come true, be sure your guests will be pleased.

Walks and Weddings in the Garden
High pine trees, maple trees, flowers in their splendor and fountains that enhance the natural beauty of our ceremonies, under the branches of the maple trees and decorated gardens.

Celebrations in the Garden
We have tents, bars, tables, chairs, stoves, desires and flowers to make your reunion unforgettable.

we will assist in the planning of a perfect event in your home, Baby shower, baptisms, birthdays, etc.
For your convenience we distribute food to your office for any occasion.
Our years of experience in the preparation and distribution of food guarantees its satisfaction and that of its guests.