Ernesto Semán - Jepson School of Leadership Studies - University of Richmond

Dr. Ernesto Seman looks at leadership as a central factor in understanding political power and social change.

A historian whose work focuses on modern popular politics and culture in Latin America, U.S. and in the context of the competition between Latin American populism and U.S. liberalism for the emerging urban working classes, his research looks at the centrality of organized labor and workers' culture and values ​​in midcentury debates and practices about democracy, property rights and social justice in the Western Hemisphere.

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At the Jepson School, I teaches the introductory course Leadership and the Humanities and courses with an international context and cultural-historical context. Prior to Jepson, he taught courses on Latin American politics, U.S. foreign policy to Latin America, and literature, memory and historical writing.

Seman writes regularly for journals and newspapers in Latin America and the U.S. and is the author of several fiction books. His first nonfiction book chronicled the 1999 presidential campaign in Argentina and was a case study on political leadership.

He has also served as a special advisor to the Mission of Argentina to the Security Council at the United Nations. / p>