Spring in Havana | RUTACUBA

Since Cuba is an eternal summer the arrival of spring may well be news between us, but it is not the present text about climate change, so it will not deal with the flowery season. Nothing will say about the famous concert of Antonio Vivaldi, nor will he review the film by Korean Kim Ki-duk Spring, summer, autumn, winter ... and spring ; and although it will not be about the well-known paintings of Botticelli or Bouguereau, and they announce something of the theme, because they are works that belong, like our Havana Spring, to the mastery of the plastic arts.

The receptive capacity of the masses is limited and their understanding scarce; always converging on the same concept. However, politicians in general, whatever color, are seduced by "handle opinion", even if they call it measure.

Spring is the name that the Cuban artist Rafael Miranda San Juan has chosen for a monumental sculpture that he recently presented to his city. It is a woman's face built with steel strips, whose beauty has been inspiring sighs to the gentlemen and stealthy looks of some jealous ladies since it was emplaced on May 24, 2015 at the corner of Galiano and Malecón. Similar effect have caused in Mexico other magnificent faces of women who are part of their series Autumn , which since 2013 are exhibited in Central Park Guadalajara. About this sculptural set Rafael Miranda has expressed some ideas that could equally allude to Spring ; in the making of these works he used steel because "it is a strong material par excellence, [that] has its own character" and represented women because they "are the ultimate expression of [life]."