The rue vermilion

The rue vermilion

The rue vermilion

The movie ended and I could not believe it, there were no emotions. In the cinema nobody applauded, nobody left crying, nobody said anything when leaving. A few ago sat back, watching the credits pass with the nervous expectation of someone who does not understand how a relationship of many years has just ended. The vast majority came out in almost shameful silence, as they all came out of a great bath.

Would it have been a good movie for that audience without emotions? I think I'm pretty sure I did not, but I did not even talk to them like I did a certain TV channel (great news on purpose!). No, I did not enjoy it, but not because it's a bad movie; I did not enjoy it because from the very first scenes I began to prowl an unpleasant idea in the head ; an uncomfortable question that is disputed with the 'feminist-mind-open' thought they think they have (and are proud of) who read the books and watched the movie with the hearty fervor of a housewife: all as stupid as Anastasia Steele?

The character who is the cover of numerous magazines leads a boring life and is itself a person with a bland and predictable personality. Why? Because his role is not well written, his character has no development and therefore his story is not credible. We never know anything about your personal tastes like what kind of music you like, what you like to do in your free time or what you really think about sex and relationships. Will he have ambitions? Never mentioned and sadly does not seem to matter. We only know that she likes to read and that she is a virgin .

As if all this was not enough, Christian Gray is a 'practitioner' of the so-called 'sadomasochism' (actually known to those who practice it as' BDSM ', an acronym consisting of the words' mastery), which is a perfect example of the man women would never want in their lives: dominant, jealous, violent, controlling, irascible and manipulative.

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Almost the whole story is an offense to women's independence and gender equality. How then does this book become one of the most anticipated films of recent years (pre-sale record in countries like Argentina, Honduras and Colombia). But of course! Let's make history a sexual awakening for all of us ... forgiveness, for her and a redemption for him.

The violent ending, in addition, builds in 6 seconds a new wall of prejudice against the practicing BDSM community. Wall that, brick by brick, have been disarming for the last 50 years; although they do not believe it, they are not violent like the Mr. Gray nor they live punishing each other with juete.

"Do not blame us because we like it. This is the kind of story we all grew up with. Disney Stories ". That was recently told me by a friend who defended the film, but could not give me a better argument. Do they really want to remain the clumsy child saved by the gallant knight and with money ?, to dominate, control and celar should serve to seduce them ?, Is the greatest ambition of their lives to have a stroke of luck like that of Cinderella? Sorry, not Cinderella ... let's make a crossover, something more contemporary and novel. How about "Sumicienta"?