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Imagen titulada Design a Successful Indoor Garden Step 1

Imagen titulada Design a Successful Indoor Garden Step 1

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... yes thats me. Taken at a virtual online 2d game rw meet.

16 Things you dont know about me: D

1. I was born on April Fools Day. No Joke: *

2. Born in Texas, raised in Michigan. Parents are from the mountains of

Virginia. Imma Redneck and DAMNED PROUD !

3. I have a bionic nose. Seriously. I was stopped at a light this past summer.

All of a sudden there was this smell.I was like ewww.what is that?

Smelled like polluted water. I looked at my right and about 300 feet

away was the town halls water fountain! I need to find a way to make money from this nose.

4. I was a victim of domestic violence. Took me a LONG time to crawl

out of that hole.but I did. It changed me forever. Perhaps that is why

at times I can be very cynical and moody. Tho I do believe that some people need to be slapped bitch!

5. Reading is a passion for me. I can go thru a good novel in one day. I

I do not want to put it down. Im glad I took those speed reading classes

in high school.

6. Imma tattoo virgin :(

8. I believe in Guardian Angels, because I've saved my life about 4 times!

Juan Espinoza Cuadra Poems
Neither Universities nor schools protect from the rain of bullets, any family is besieged by the mosquerio of decomposed bodies. The shooting is in any way, and the floor is the common helmet vest while the ambulances, municipal, state or federal.

p> 11. I'm a fairness freak.And I wont let YOU forget you are being unfair.

12. I hate people who pretend illness to get things. in the real world.

Pisses me off.

13. >

and Squirrel.I love to watch animals.In high school I wanted to be a Behavioral

Biologist.I guess this is just part of that.I think I still could.who knows ?:)

15. Been accused of being Racist. HAH! Which was a customer who tried to get me into trouble. first boyfriend was Jewish. Lover started me on my

path of pervyness. Another was pure Syrian. He would have been my true love

but I had to fuck it up! Another was a mixed breed.he was an Israeli,

Russian Polish Jew. Im fasinated by different cultures. Im lucky, my job helps

meet me different ones everyday. I love the Japanese. And I think that love

started from those after school GODZILLA movies !: D Racist? NEVAH!

16. I believe in Self Preservation. With the contact of certain evil I've had in my

life . I feel this strongly. Yesterday I was accused of reading too many detective

novels. LOL If they only knew. So many people are shot, beaten and murdered every FUCKIN DAY. And some think that it cant ever happen to them. Well it CAN. So when you get those silly spam emails over safety in your car or at a parking lot .READ THEM. It might just save YOUR life.