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Oscar Mendiola

Oscar Mendiola


The story of Deemo and the little girl is over!

From the Cytus team, a music-acclaimed music game Rayark brings you to Deemo, a hybrid game of musical rhythm and an urban fantasy storyline, with hand-drawn art, a storytelling gallery of history and real instrumental piano sound background.

p> Deemo is a mystic character who lives in solitude in a castle. A little girl falls from the sky, not knowing who she is or where she comes from. To help her return to her world, Deemo senses that a tree grows on the piano every time it touches. What will Deemo do when he is comforted by the company he has never had before? And if the little girl can not stand the truth when she recovers her seemingly lost memories?!

"Never leave without saying goodbye."

Unlock more tracks as the game progresses.
-40 free songs in story mode. -More than 110 songs in various musical genres, many of them famous composers
-Instant and simple game < br>

-Integration of the rankings of the leaders in the Games Center: challenges players from all over the world

What's new in version 3.0.5

* Fixed issue of tree height in sync with game progress < br> * Improved performance on certain models

The "Forgotten Sandbox" DLC is now on sale!
- Multiplayer System: new stage appearances, new scenes and new dialogues to experience the DEEMO experience from a different perspective. > - 25 new songs: there are new works by famous musicians such as Michiru Ōshima, xi, ICE, KIVΛ,
etc., and instrumental music by classical composers such as Chopin, Brahms, Mozart, and more ...
- More than 10 new EXTRA difficulty scores added - More than 20 collectible items are available

Santos County
Among them are Christiane Oelze, Deborah Domanski, Laura de Souza, David Dillard, Melanie Ohm, and Luciano Simões. Brazilian Pianist Rúbia Santos placed among the most sought-after collaborative pianists from her home country.

User Reviews

Absolutely Beautiful by J1.

I've had this game for a while. I got it about two years ago, when the story was not even finished yet (no spoilers so do not worry). It was great then. It's amazing now. The story is, for lack of better words, beautiful with an amazing ending. I get the urge to cry every time I play through it. I never get tired of playing the songs (of course there are a few I do not like but it's only my opinion). Virtually every song in the game is amazing, increasing my undying love for the piano. The artwork is absolutely stunning. The story is told beautifully despite not having any words, proving a picture can speak a thousand words. I can play this again and again without getting tired. It's so evident that the developers put so much into this game. They really, truly care, which is something you do not see too often with mobile game developers these days. If you have a love for music, excellent storytelling, and stunning artwork, I highly recommend this game. It's worth it. Also, if you have not heard anything about this game's story, do not spoil it for yourself. You're in for a treat. Thanks to Rayark for making such a great game.

I'm speechless by GamingGalPal

I absolutely love Deemo and it's definitely my favorite. I strongly recommend that you experience this wonderful journey with Deemo and little girl. And I applaud you if you are not moved by this masterpiece.

Amazing by BlueIsraphel

Edit: I have not had the issue again so yeah 5 stars

This is my favorite app and I feel really bad for rating 1 star but this needs to be addressed. I had 50m tree and 100% stairs completed. I played a song and then my phone locked, I just unlocked it and everything was gone. I've spent at least 30 hours on this game and seeing it all gone makes me feel horrible. I have been gone and all my scores are gone. I've already played through the story twice and I really do not want to do it again. I guess I will not be playing this anymore. Please fix this so no one else has to deal with it
Edit: I forced myself to play again and I finally got back into the game. I reached 44 meter tree, the game crashed, and I lost all of my progress again. The cloud save did not work even though I had it on the whole time: / this is just frustrating and disappointing