Love songs Lady Hagua

Love songs Lady Hagua

Love songs Lady Hagua

I want to wish everyone a lot of peace, when there is peace, happiness comes fast, because in a peaceful state; Who is not happy? beyond peace is peace and tranquility, I understand those who say I come seeking peace, peace is great if you live in peace you can easily reach a world of love and hope, what I most want is to end the wars, stop innocent people from dying because of powerful people who think they are the owners of the world, I want to tell all those warriors to leave the sword and start to use their minds, that paradise is just around the corner , stop being greedy and authoritarian, religions apart from everyone who believes in his, say: - Men invented the gods to save the universe out of nothing, thanks to everyone and the sun he is a very powerful god. This spring has come a little eclipsed ... it means that it is different from other past, the eclipse together with the equinox to know what brings us, hopefully they are good things, although the truth is sad to see everything that happens in North Africa, in hopes that the good triumph, it is seen that the demons are loose.

However, I wish everyone happy spring to fall. (It depends on the hemisphere) They say that if you do not see you do not suffer; but lately the world has become small and everything is seen, so sufferings to singing: - Children killed in wars, epidemics ... warrior children. Until when the warlord would not stop stealing boys and girls? Our close children suffer from evictions and poor nutrition, have always said that Spain is a little part of Africa ... .with the beauty that would be living in brotherhood in a world of peace.

Best wishes to all ... thanks for sharing !!!

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