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Energía solar para obtener agua segura

Rethinking Decoration

by Avery Mack

Christmas decorations of nature can transcend cliché pine garlands or crop trees to make a highly interior decoration personalized that replaces the traditional greenery. However, mistletoe, holly leaves, berries, eucalyptus, poinsettias, or flower blossoms, tree needles, acorns and a cut tree planted in water can be detrimental to pets and children. These are some of the best options.

The tree

For small spaces or to get attention, try grouping a set of topiary trees of different sizes covered with flickering and small ornaments or fresh flowers to create a focal point in a window with clarity.

"A lemon cypress or Goldencrest offers another unexpected color option on the table at the entrance to the house," says the floral designer independent Janet Corrao, in Nutley, New Jersey. "Besides, it smells very rich." Six-inch tall plants work very well. Corrao suggests putting them in colorful, inexpensive metal buckets that are available in craft stores to add another touch.

Unless considered a hazard to active children or pets, (stepstool) on a table or a six-foot ladder open in a corner and hang garlands and lights through the central space, on the steps put pots with flowers and small gift boxes. Look at under "alternative Christmas trees" for more ideas.

"While we were working on a photo shoot, the photographer decided to include a Christmas scene. I could add parts of the property's vegetation to the red ornaments and white orchids I had brought. I made a very striking centerpiece that ran all along the table, "says Angie Zimmerman Designs, an florist from Angie Zimmerman Designs, in El Dorado Hills, California. "For the mantel I used dry branches with red cherries to add height on both sides of the center mirror and then double the centerpiece design between them."

A festive table can be dressed with attractive foods . Use a garnish of bread as a base and put skewers with basil leaves and cherry tomatoes stuffed with fresh mozzarella cheese for an easy Caprese-style appetizer. A colorful saucer with a balsamic dressing or other dip or salsa in the center along with small plates and Christmas napkins complete the offer.

For a sit-down dinner, vary by placing the Caprese skewers in small glass bases clear along the table with individual containers with dip. Green parsley sprigs add another special touch. Zimmerman also suggests taking the center off the red Rome apples and using them from candlesticks.

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Make cards to identify the seats using small herb pots. The chalk painting identifies the floor and the guest's seat. Also consider colorful pots with a small cactus.

Turn oranges into an aromatic ball by spiraling the peel with citrus peeler or other pattern. Use a small nail to make holes and place on the fruit spice nails. Adding any typical natural greenery to the season along with sterilized pine or pineapple seeds makes for a beautiful and fragrant centerpiece.

Sold online or in kitchenware store, a laurel wreath offers joy at the door. After the holiday season, hang it in the kitchen for easy access. "Kumquats, lemons, small oranges and wild apples (crabapples) add color to the green crowns," says Corrao.

The garlands

For most of us, Christmas demand the smell of fresh pine. Give an extra touch to Christmas greenery using carnations or other light-colored flowers colored with vegetable or fruit juice, either canned or frozen-blueberries, beets and cherries; yellow and orange onions and carrots; purple of the blackberries; green spinach; pink strawberries; and blue from red cabbage or blackberries. Cut the stems of the fresh flowers and place them in the liquid to absorb the color. Hang garlands out of the reach of children and pets.

Navjot Kaur, of Navjot Designs, Chicago, says, "We all have foliage in our yard that can be used over Christmas. It's so fun to alter the design based on what's available. "

Imagination and inspiration can give you new sparks and greenery to traditions.


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