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I was going to bed, I'm dead from sleep. I'm going to bed, I'm dead tired.


He enters the sleeping dormitory of sleep, without turning off the computer or hurrying the coffee he goes from there dead from sleep and shivering from cold, with the feeling that someone has swiped him from the wallet 39 dollars while sleeping

I was scared to death I was scared to death I was dead from boredom I was dead bored

Children must be dead of boredom with this movie We were dead of boredom until it arrived to be dead of [fear]

I am dead tired of being tired; I'm ready to drop (familiar)

be dead from [hungry] let's eat something, I'm starving to death

They have tonic and strengthening action of the heart, that is, they increase their contractile force and regulate their rhythm. Protects against certain types of cancer, since very useful against Strontium-90 (radioactive toxic of the atmosphere).

eat like you're starving you're eating as if you were starving hungry

be dead from laughing [+ person] to laugh one's head off; kill o.s. I have bought a chalet in the sierra / to have him died of laughter /, because he never goes there

(España) [+ ropa] to be gathering dust

was laughing with his jokes I laughed my head off at his jokes; I killed myself laughing at his jokes

my officer, died of laughter, called me by my name

bought a house to have her dead of risahe bought a house and let it go to rack and the piano is still dead from risathe piano is still there gathering dust

he has bought a car to have him died laughing in the garage

the solar is still there dead of risanothing has been done yet with that plot of land