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It seems that bird tattoos have become increasingly popular. A very special example is the hummingbird tattoos. Hummingbirds are small, colorful and very sophisticated birds. As with swallows and eagles, hummingbirds are one of the favorite bird species when it comes to tattoos.

To know more about hummingbird tattoos, I'm going to invite you to see some good examples, know some aspects of their meaning and some designs, just in case you end up convincing yourself and decide to make a hummingbird tattoo .

Meaning of hummingbird tattoos The hummingbird has meanings that vary according to different cultures. In this case, it is a tattoo more popular in women than in men, which probably has to do with the color and delicacy of this species, which immediately suggests natural beauty, innocence and love. / p>

Other symbolism concerning the hummingbird generally shows it as a symbol of elegance. Their ability to fly (they can fly in all directions and at really surprising speeds) suggests the idea of ​​agility and flexibility, which can be interpreted as the ability to change, to be flexible and just to go for life in all its directions , without problems.

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Being such an energetic creature, the hummingbird symbolizes constant activity and vigor. Among other things, due to its noble and tranquil nature, it is also considered a symbol of peace and respect.

For some it symbolizes happiness, good luck and protection. Many cultures consider sighting a hummingbird as a good omen, a sign of protection. As with all birds, hummingbirds symbolize freedom.

Hummingbird tattoo designs

Sometimes, inscriptions or reminders are added to mark a special moment in life (for example births, anniversaries or deaths) or the name of an important person.