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Kurt Wagner, the leader of Lambchop , was lucky enough to hear Yo La Tengo's new album, "Stuff Like That There", and wrote a beautiful biography, here in Spanish "There is power in knowledge learned and perceived together, then presented as an original sin"

It seems that almost every spring one of the robins in our front yard build a nest on the porch. Always in the same place, above a column in a corner. This is one of those years. A nest appeared as usual, and in due course three baby robins poked their heads over the edge of the nest, their beaks pointing to the sky, wide open and begging. I decided to call those chicks Georgia, Ira and James. They are in my eyes.

As the nest, the arrival of a new album by Yo La Tengo is a wonder of nature. They build in their own way a nest to record in a comfortable and familiar environment. Assembled from a variety of materials, both natural and synthetic, their nest is strong. However, unlike the bird's nest, which is held together by excretion, his is a nest that seldom needs an adhesive. On occasion, the splendid nature of both endeavors requires the new and their relationships.

Between us, I honestly wondered if they would in fact come back after "Fade" and a hard winter. But I'm an idiot. The robins appeared again this year and the trio has returned to a 1993 concept when they made another album titled with the letter F: Fakebook . It was the first album of them to listen.

That was in 1993 or 1994.

Now it's 2015 and damn it.

Stuff Like That There

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Stuff Like That There may well be a sequel to the 25th anniversary of the Fakebook idea, but for my ears it's simply a return to what mobilize I Have It to do things in the first place: Embrace the people they still feel close to, making a spiritual sound.

Does not it sound fun to work with old friends like guitarist Dave Schramm and engineer Gene Holder? It also seems like a good way to try something "McNew", like James McNew on the bass, an elemental contribution whose importance can not be overstated. With Fakebook as a template, Stuff Like That There is an album with links to the past that contribute to the sound they make, promoted by an affinity for the sounds they love. Somehow, they compose what they have already composed when they return. It is very clear. She's intelligent and mysterious.

Rara is the band that can cover herself. More rare is the band that would even think and rarer still is a band that would return to conception and re-imagined their first great album. Someone may have recently read that old quotation that says "I do not know the story, you're doomed to repeat it." There is no band that I know that is less damned than Yo La Tengo.

I thought it would be a good idea to listen to the album when writing this biography. It was not. It is a distraction. I drift away from the virtual page and fall deeply into virtual sound. Suddenly, all the sounds are amplified around me, my dogs are barking and I'm in love again. "All Your Secrets" is ringing and I hallucinate that the intro is from one of my old songs. I searched "Automatic Doom" to see what cover was and seems to be a song from @mistersparrow or Special Pillow . I bet it's from Pillow, although both are in the same tone.

One thing I've noticed is that once you learn who these songs are, it makes you look a lot smarter when you can reveal their origin to another listener. Imagine yourself saying: "Yes, it's a great song and it's from the Great Plains!"

It makes you wiser. > choose sources that enrich you and empower you. That's a word that I swear to never use.

Please fill in, people, this is Stuff Like That There

Sincerely, Kurt Wagner