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Curso Virtual

Curso Virtual

With modernity has come an auxiliary in the kitchen that many men and women love and appreciate his invention: the microwave oven

Accelerated lifestyle and workload make us have less time to cook, everything should be ready in 5 minutes and this electronic device allows us that and more ...

On the other hand there are recommendations that must be taken into account about its use, as not any utensil or food should be introduced into it

Unless you want to start a fire in the microwave, never put grapes to heat it. p> Spoons, forks and other metal utensils:
This can cause a fire as soon as the appliance is started.

Aluminum foil > Many people have learned it from practice; the aluminum foil begins to catch fire within seconds of getting something to wrap around it. You have to be careful with the plastic containers that have aluminum coverings like creams, yogurt and others, because just having a stick of aluminum adhered, will trigger a serious problem.

Raw Egg b>
Trying to cook a raw egg in the microwave is not a good idea, although some have managed to do it, but the reality is that if it is not the exact time and the exact intensity will burst inside the appliance and believe me, you will not want have tried it when you have to clean it completely.

Curso Virtual
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Papa Cruda
Cooking potatoes in the microwave has its secret, since you should never put them without having made holes through where the heat can pass freely. If you do not do this you'll be scared when it explodes into the micro.

Chilli or raw chilli
Unless you want to impregnate your house with gases that will make everyone cough, not the hot ones in the microwave.

Do not use the micro to boil water
You can warm it up a little but boil it, never. The water boils from 100 degrees centigrade, within the microwave can reach 400 degrees in a short time.

This can cause as soon as you open the appliance and the ambient temperature (which is cooler that the water in that moment) the liquid jumps on you and it will cause serious burns in the face and other parts of the body.

Always remember that your integrity comes first and you must be attentive to everything you do in the kitchen and heat.

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