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Updated functional versions of these are now available at SC4Devotion Marrast EyeCandy Underpasses As Is. Ok, these underpasses will never have a final release, I mean, they'll always be in beta vesrion for some reasons. So, at this time they are fully traffic enabled lots, with one exclusion - civic cars can not go trhough it, and in U-Drive-It mode, you can not go under the transport line, that goes over. At this time this bug is impossible to fix because of some game limitations. Pity. I'm gonna try to explain the whole situation: - Only the road that goes OVER (not along but the lot) is AVIABLE for civic traffic and U-Drive-It missions. So, keep it in mind, when you will plop it in your cities. Also, try to leave some alternative intersections with your railway, or bird which was intersected by underpass. Ok . about plop these underpasses: - To plop it on already exists railway, just delete two tiles of it, where you gonna plop it and then plop the underpass down; - How to get rid of avenue props (Street lights, and bush dividers) hanging over the underpass. It's simple - before you plop it, delete exactly those tiles of avenue, that will be replaced by underpass. The avenue and railway will be connected to the underpass lot automatically;

Underpass lots behavior: - All these lots are able to plop from the landmark menu. At this time I do not know how to get these lots to Misc. transport meny without some bugs, appearing when I try to do this; - These lots have not fixed monthly cost because of the same reasons; - They already have new custom icons, and corrected description.
- I've changed road-railway underpass to the recent version.

How to install: - to install these lots, just extract the zip to your SC4 Plugin directory.
- If you already have some versions of these lots, please delet ALL old underpasses files, before.

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BIG thanks to: - BigRedFish and RedLotus for their attempts to help me with these lots. And the lot of people, who testing it during the developing process.
For additional information about the underpasses, go there: http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/view.asp?mode=viewtopic&topicID=48401&num=30&pageNo=1

The files in this download will be placed in MyDocuments \ SimCity 4 \ Plugins \ BSC \ Custody \ Marrast. These files are exactly as marrast posted them first and the readme text file is included in the zip for your reference. Please note that any links in the text and email address are unlikely to work.