I've been discovering polymer clay ,

and I say finding because it does not pass not a single day of work with this material in which I am not surprised grateful.

I marvel at the great versatility, the endless techniques and results that can be obtained from the same basic material,

This is why I like to work this kind of clay so much.

One of the techniques for working polymer clay, consists of making rods or murrines ( These canes are used as a base pattern and can be combined with each other or with different ones to obtain a murrina kaleidoscope, milliflori, etc. These canes are also used for their Anglicism "canes".

With this, imagine the endless possibilities presented ...

The rods can also acquire different shapes (round, triangular, square ...) to through a careful reduction technique ,

Now, think about the possibility of combining a single compound triangular cane, for example, with you same thing ...

I'll show it to you below

(from If you look closely, you will see that the base murrina is the same in all three examples,

Valentine's Day crochet heart with chart | Anabelia Craft Design blog | Bloglovin '
Hello everyone, Valentine is just around the corner and I make this quick entry to show you our new crochet hearts. They are made very fast, just three rows! Material: 100% Anchor Style cotton and 1.9mm crochet hook.

and how you will probably have already understood, the more different sides the base stick has, the more possible results we will get ...

Is not it incredible?

The most amazing of all is that that I just told you is just the point of entry into a universe of combinations and techniques, where the limit only puts your creativity ...

Most processes are slow and time consuming if you want to get final quality results,

As it is a soft material it tends to deform and can ruin a job of hours in an instant < / p>

However, I enjoy and suffer equally in each development, in each elaboration of my pieces, putting all my efforts and affection to continue discovering and creating emotions with this material and my hands ...

And now that I've told you a little how I do,

I want nothing more than to arouse curiosity in you and the < I understand the difficulty that hides my work.

I hope I have succeeded!

Effort and dedication in each piece.