Tattoos of birds on the wrist - Batanga

Few animals are as popular as birds in tattoos and it is that if we think about it a little, it makes a lot of sense: they are very striking, they have great aesthetic value and, as if that were not enough, they are very symbolic, having different interesting meanings. On the other hand, there is an enormous amount of possibilities, since there are all kinds of bird species. Now, one of the issues that may complicate you when tattooing a bird may be the location. That is why today I want to invite you to see some bird tattoo designs on the wrist and some aspects of this option. Birds on the wrists, freedom in your hands

You're probably wondering: why on the wrists? Well, the truth is that in these days when it is so difficult to find a little originality, the dolls are an interesting option. The vast majority of the many people who come to the studio for a bird tattoo usually look for 2 things in particular: they are flying or that they are located in specific areas like the back, the hip, the forearm (the typical design of the pen disintegrating) or the nape. At the end of the day, they rarely choose the doll and therefore it charges its share of originality.

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