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Today we return to the Monasterio de Piedra , a beautiful natural park full of waterfalls in the province of Zaragoza, very close to the town of Nuévalos and in the mountains of the Iberian System. >

It is often the case that when you think of the area of ​​Aragón, you can not imagine what lies between its mountains, there is the Monasterio de Piedra park, green, waterfalls, waterfalls and caves. It is very beautiful for a weekend getaway or to spend the day.

Visit the Stone Monastery Park

We arrive by car, for the morning. We paid the corresponding entry which was € 15.50, if online shopping costs you € 14.72 per adult, slightly cheaper for children and seniors. This entry includes a visit to the Park, a guided tour of the Monastery, and the exhibition of birds of prey depending on the season.

You also get a numbered map you can walk the park following the indications or if you can not look at its website, they have an interactive map. It is very easy to walk around, it takes about two or three hours, you can take something to picnic there, as they have a seating area with tables and chairs or on the lawn if it is good weather.

where to begin the visit?

We start the visit as you are indicated on the map, first we go to the viewpoint of the waterfall of the Cola de Caballo, here you are at the top and you have a beautiful view.

We continue walking through cascades and caves, first the Iris waterfall, then the Trinidad waterfall until we reach the Caprichosa. When you arrive at the Caprichosa, you have a viewpoint with a railing right at the foot of the waterfall, you will surely find enough people taking pictures in this place.

Before finishing the tour, we pass by a fish farm and we arrive at the Mirror Lake that surrounds the "Peña del diablo", you will see when you are there because it is called the mirror lake or you can see it in this photo. p>

After doing the whole tour through the Natural Park, we went to the rest area and took something back from our backpacks.

When we finished our break, we asked what time it was guided tour of the Monasterio de Piedra, which casually started in a few minutes, so there we went.

To be honest, the guide had the same voice and intonation as Siri, but at least you did not see alone ruins, but you learned something, even if I told it a little boring.

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The Cistercian Monastery of Santa María de Piedra, is the complete name of what we know as the Monasterio de Piedra a dry.

Monasterio de Piedra. A little bit of history

In 1194, twelve Cistercian monks left the Monastery of Poblet to go to this place. The works began in 1195 and just 23 years later the capitular room and the main chapel begin to function. The monks lived almost 650 years in this monastery and expelled them definitively in 1835 and in 1840 it happened to public auction and it passes to private property until our days.

In the guided tour we can access the site and see the chapter house, the baroque altar, the abbey, the only converted passageway in Spain, the kitchen and some more things. h3> Where to eat in the area of ​​the Monasterio de Piedra

Well as I mentioned before, you can take food to have a picnic or you also have the option to eat in the restaurant there. You know, it depends on your budget.

We did a picnic, so I would not know how to eat it, but it looked good.

Where to sleep?

Another option is to sleep in Nuévalos, it sure works out cheaper or you go home if you are not too far or too tired.

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