It is not necessary to suffer continuous chaos to grow.

It is night, but light covers the sky, illuminating for a moment a desolate hillside

where the lava has been piled up and solidified creating grotesque forms. In the distance you see

a high, cone-shaped peak emitting a faint red light over the wandering clouds,

revealing the presence of a partially inactive volcano. A cold wind envelops him, a penetrating wind that stirs up rages and hostilities, even when there is no reason. The clouds open and glimpses a small building on the side of the volcano. Its ancient construction seems to indicate that it has been there for centuries. How could

survive the rolling of the volcano? He approaches the building and warns that there is light in his interior and that its inhabitants are singing a sort of hymn or liturgy. Bring the scene to life.

The Tower tests the foundations of our lives. Do we build castles in the air or

do we build on dry land? In the Tower we see the lightning striking the walls of the building

. It has been said that it represents God by breaking down the work of man. In fact, this letter shows how man blames his mistakes on God, for if he had installed a lightning rod in the Tower, it would have escaped destruction.

So, if we want things to work, we must take responsibility for

> our lives. We can not continue to blame our parents, our education, the government or the gods: we must regain power by assuming responsibility.

When we blame our problems for external factors, we are letting go of our power and giving up any opportunity for change.

If the owner or neighbors do not do anything to prevent it, the house sooner or later

it will be reduced to rubble, dragging adjoining dwellings with it.

The same phenomenon happens in the life of each person. If we do not make sure the solidity

of the foundations on which we build our life, the ray of the Tower will completely destroy it. Remember some time you've seen something break down with speed and you'll understand the influence of the Tower.

The effects of the Tower are devastating. They can be manifested as a series of chain disasters (you lose the keys, then you steal the car, you rob the house,

dismiss the job, etc.) or as a nervous breakdown, an accident, an illness, etc.

The letter from the Tower purges us of old behaviors and attitudes. It opens the

eyes to the new reality. Each crisis explodes the mirages that make up our life

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. The Tower is, in fact, a path that spreads new foundations in our life. It tests our strength and helps us evaluate our current situation once again.

Life on Earth is a great school where we are continually tested. It is through these trials that people gradually develop faith, hope and love.

This letter tells us about courage in the face of adversity. It teaches us that anger is not always

destructive. If we give a positive exit to anger, it can be a force for

to generate creative change. It was anger that induced people to abolish the slave trade and to fight for the Magna Carta or the Bill of Rights and for the freedom to choose the government of their country. When anger is suppressed degenerates into a cancerous wound

counseling programs, the person, before moving from apathy to euphoria, must

go through a state in which he takes contact with his anger and expresses it.

This letter also warns us that we should use our mouth more often to let others know what we want, what we are not willing to tolerate, and when we are disappointed. We must learn to use this powerful device that is the mouth! Once activated, it can have incredible effects. Remember a time when

to release a knot in the chest telling a person what he really thought and will understand

the power of this experience. > The Tower acts, above all, as a karmic cleaning. It not only affects people or situations, but also countries.

Climate, floods, earthquakes, wars,

Hunger, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions are all related to the Tower.

Some countries or populations need to experiment a karmic cleanness to grow back.


Vandalism, confusion, stormy, crumbling, / p>

castles in the air, rigid, "knowing", fury / violence, rage / ferocious, misogyny, danger,

destructive, collapses, changes form. > TOWER KEYWORDS

Suddenly, speed of light, fire tension, agitation, impetuous, surprising,


Be prepared when problems arise.

Do not repress anger, do not be afraid. Use it constructively to initiate transformation and get rid of old forms.

Be willing to change old ways. Do not hold energy.

Build your life on solid foundations.