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The word ficus in Latin means "fig", which includes, besides a famous and esteemed fruit plant, an incredible series of ornamental plants, very diffuse and

tree of rubber), are usually resistant and durable plants, these species, is both indoor and outdoor, Ficus Elastic over live with less

Not all plants are easy to grow from seeds, some of them even difficult to reproduce by means of this method to the professionals themselves, but in

Our ornamental garden in summer, as to improve it in the aesthetics of the garden, this is a great time to put it into practice. At the beginning of the summer all the danger

We know that plants take water and minerals from the soil, since minerals are returned to the soil life when plants die, this

It's called "The Amate." Apart from its vergeles, Fabiola has a small company that makes jams and other ecological preserves. Here there is jam of mandarin, plum, blackberry, lemon, lime, fig, apple, orange, raspberry, pear ... with or without sugar.

Living beings relate to each other, to each other and to the environment in which they live, but this bonding is not always easy to observe for a while.

As you will know, plants make their own food through of photosynthesis, part of that food is used by the plant, but another part is stored,

The root serves to hold, fix the plant to the ground and absorb water and salts that it needs. A plant without a root would fall and die for no.

The creation of bonsai is an ancient art and in its tiny forms there are hours of serene work and patience. The beauty of these trees in miniatures, can be

The ficus Benjamin variegada is slow growing, that those of his relatives, these days, ficus have become fashion plants, as they respond