Photos of the most beautiful and beautiful trees in the world

There are fantastic trees in this world. From the dawn of the human race we have been given food, heat, oxygen and protection; many of them are common in our daily lives, but there are also exotic and almost unknown.

Here we bring you 19 different varieties of trees (old, giant, colorful, surreal and impossible to imagine) future generations can continue to enjoy.

19. Baobabs, Madagascar

There are seven species of the tree popularly known as Baobab. From Madagascar, they can be found in different countries such as Italy and Brazil, and have achieved fame through literature, appearing in the classic book El Principito, of Saint Exupéry. > 18. Eucalyptus Rainbow, Eucalyptus

A Eucalyptus does not necessarily catch our eye, but these beautiful and unusual colored Eucalyptus, which grow in the Pacific Islands, amaze and amaze us. Rhododendron over 125 years old, Canada

Although technically considered a shrub, this striking Rodondendron is over 125 years old. Japan's 144-year-old Wisteria

With 1,500 square meters (almost half a hectare), this Glycine tree in Japan is the largest of its kind. Tunnel through a tree

Biology and others
Xantófilas are also found naturally in many plants, are pigmented compounds and also have photosynthetic action. CAM (acid metabolism of Crassulaceae) is a type of metabolism that is discovered in the family of Crassulaceae.

Some trees are so large and old, that in certain regions of the planet tunnels pass through them.

14. Wind-blown trees, New Zealand

These trees in Slope Point, in Southern New Zealand, grow at angles that are permanently hit by extreme Antarctic winds.

Japanese Maple Park, Portland Oregon

Apart from this giant and beautiful Japanese Maple, in Portland Oregon there is a beautiful park of the same to visit. Antarctic Beech in Moss, Oregon

On the quiet street of the German city of Heerstrasse, you will find this tunnel of cherry trees, which, in their flowering season, give us these beautiful images.

10. Angel Oak, South Carolina

At 20 meters high, Angel Oak has an estimated age between 1400 and 1500 years. Flamboyan, Brazil

Flamboyan is native to Madagascar, but grows in all tropical climates.

8. Dragon Blood, Yemen

The Dragon Blood tree received its fearsome name due to the red crimson sap which is used both as a dye and as a remedy.

7. Tule, Mexico

Planted 1400 years ago, in Oaxaca, Mexico, the impressive tree of Tule is considered one of the largest trees in the world, since it has a circumference of 42 meters and 40 meters of height .

6. Maple Tree Tunnel, Oregon 5. Dark Setters, Northern Ireland

The Dark Setters, or The Dark Hedges, located in Antrim, Northern Ireland, present to us the mystery and beauty of the region to the maximum, even being used in shots from the popular Game of Thrones series.

4. The president, the third largest Redwood in the world, California 3. Jacaranda Walk, South Africa

Stunning jacaranda tunnel, in Johannesburg South Africa

2. Robles Avenue, South Carolina 1. Socotra Island, Indian Ocean