20 DIY projects with which to surprise your children

Мать задушившая свою дочь проводом получила 13 лет

Мать задушившая свою дочь проводом получила 13 лет


When the weather is good, it is normal to go out with our children to nearby parks where they can play and run until they are tired. The problem is that we do not always have time to go with them to those public places and of course, it is not a plan to let them go alone with all the insecurity that is in any city. The solution is easy, turn our garden or backyard into a play area for them. This way you can have fun without leaving home and when they want. If you liked what we have told you, continue reading the 20 DIY projects that we present below.

1.- An all in one Source

This is a mixture between tree house, swing, hammock and trampoline. Ideal for all ages

2.- Garage for cars Source

Make them feel like they're adults by setting up an area where they can park their vehicles.

h3> 3.- Modern sandbox Source

In addition to being a sandbox where you can play, you have a slate wall where you can paint whatever you want.

4.- A rock climbing wall < / h3> Source

Fun swing with many activities where our kids can spend a lot of time playing.

5.- Laboratory table Source

An old cable stand is converted into a laboratory table where the little ones can carry out their experiments.

6.- A sandbox with benches Source

This project allows you to create a sandbox with benches, which are transformed

7.- Tree House Source

Complete house where the little ones can set up their own films.

8.- Bed elastic in the garden Source

Hours and hours of salt fun

This is a bench at the height of the little ones with fun features.

> 10.- Rocker for several people Source

A great idea for those summer parties where the heat does not stop.

12.- A very special house Source

A unique place where children can rest or do

13.- A small baseball stadium Source

If your child points to a big star, nothing beats turning your garden into a small baseball stadium

14.- A blackboard on the fence Source

A place where your children can draw all the imagination they carry inside. toy cars Source

20 DIY projects with which to surprise your children

Create a track where your children can play with their favorite toy cars.

16.- Build a slide Source

Raise a small mound where you can place a fun slide.

17.- Totally natural hut Source

As if it were Indians, in this construction you can develop all your imagination.

h3> 18.- Water mattress Source

The little ones will pass it

20.- Laundry for bicycles

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