32 patios that will make you want to live in the open from now on - The voice of the wall

Salvation Army Florida 125

Salvation Army Florida 125

What's better than having a nice day with family or friends in a garden? Today we will see that the exterior of the house not only serves to have green areas or take a dip in the pool, but we can create different environments and give it a completely unusual use

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Some of the images you will see below are just eccentricities of the wealthy people, , but the less curious. On the other hand, others can be very practical as a source of inspiration , if what you are looking for is to completely renovate your patio.

Take details from here and there and tell us which 32 outdoor spaces that we show you would choose to put in your garden:

Summer nights are great for watching movies under the stars Outdoor bonfires they are always a good choice for storytelling while having an aperitif In this courtyard in Atlanta the patterns that stand out most are the green of the fabrics combined with the wood and strategically placed plants With such a chess, I am convinced that it would become your favorite game A fantastic corner of relaxation and reading that you will not want to leave In this fabulous gazebo have also included hammocks for the whole family You can also take advantage of the hole below the es to build a swing bed with pallets