Manuel and Poca Luz contemplate the graffiti on the school wall

Manuel and Poca Luz contemplate the graffiti on the school wall

Today this post is very different from what we have accustomed to, but Saal Digital has given me the chance to try one of their products in exchange for an analysis of the digital album. It is what you have to navigate social networks and "toparte" with an advertisement that professional photographers or amateurs and think ... what do I lose by trying? So I requested the proof and a week later I had the coupon in my email to redeem it in the next 14 days. So I put hands to work.

Being fans of photography, we have thousands of photos accumulated in hard disks, cards, usb memories ... and what better time to take those photos of the trunk of memories and make an album of the escapades of the last years. (I have to say that seeing the result, will be the first of a few, and more with a baby at home)

I usually do the layout and editing of photos with Photoshop, but this time I wanted to try out their program directly, and the truth in a while you do with the handling and the pages come out "like churros". So much so that I was going to do 26 pages and I ended up doing 60.

There goes my analysis step by step:

Just open Saal Design (you download it from your page in a moment) you choose the project you want, in my case, 28x19 digital album; Non-quilting matt covers, standard bar code; Interior Pages: Matte, 60 pages.

Very intuitive interface and easy to handle. Basically select photos and drag

Tools to edit photos, crop, rotate, zoom, brightness, contrast, shadows, frames, masks, etc.

Once finished you can preview or export to a PDF file (watermarked "preview").

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Purchasing process At a time and from the same program you make the purchase of the product. To avoid surprises, while you are working on the job, at the bottom of the figure is the total price (in the absence of adding the postage), so you only have to pay by card or Pay Pal and that's it. In successive emails send you the link where you can track - status of your order.

I shipped it on Sunday June 4 and received it on Monday 12th, but considering that I was leaving Germany and destination Spain, a week seems more than acceptable. On Monday it went into production and on Tuesday I was notified via email that it had already been sent.

Once received
Protection for shipping is correct and fairly robust: cardboard exterior, the protected album with plastic and a padding, which came in perfect condition.

Once the product in my hands, the truth is that it has not let me down. The print quality is good, and even very good. The matte cover has a silky feel and anti-fingerprints (which is appreciated, because if you make an album is to teach and enjoy it many times)

The interior pages are thick and consistent with a quality Very good impression. It really is not mate, I would say rather it is satin, but the result is almost better.

The "cut" between page and page is hardly noticeable, thanks to its opening 180 degrees , but it does not bother to appreciate the photograph), which means that the images that remain in the center do not deserve (I was very curious to check it), and allows you to layout taking advantage of all the space provided by the two pages without taking into account the cut .

As a conclusion I would say that it was the first work with Saal Digital, but it will not be the last one, and if you ask me ... Would you recommend it? My answer is yes.

Thank you Saal Digital for giving me the opportunity to try your product, and I think at least you have gained a new customer.